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Newton Kumon, kumon newton - Afterschool/Saturday program for both remedial and advanced students taught by Drs. Winston and Jane Chiong. Come for a free evaluation so we can individualize a program to meet your child's needs.


Q. What happens when my child comes to the center?

A. Students come to the center once or twice a week to bring back their completed assignments and to receive new instruction and materials. Before assigning new work either Jane or Winston have monitored your child's speed and accuracy. Your child then picks up his/her new assignments before sitting down at the center to complete their daily work with us.

Q. Do you give individual instruction?

A. Kumon encourages independent learning; however, while many students will work on their own, most will need additional help from us at various times. Our first priority is to help our child when help is needed, as often it is needed and for as long as it takes. Students stay for as long as it takes to master their work.

Q. How many students do you have in the room at once?

A. While parents and students enjoy the two or three-hour flexible time period during which their child can come to the center, naturally some times are more popular than others. We have no way of predicting exactly how busy our center will be when your child arrives at the center. However, we have taken steps to best serve your child:
1. Relay to the parent which hours are usually the busiest
2. Add extra staff during this time
3. Schedule an extra hour when we can usually predict that only a few students (or sometimes none) will attend. Additionally, in our busiest center (Newton) both Jane and Winston are in attendance most of the time. Nonetheless, most parents learn quickly that their child gets extra help even during our busiest hours and chooses to come to the center when it is most convenient for them.

Q. Do Jane and Winston have different strong points?

A. Yes, while both Jane and Winston have been successfully teaching Kumon math and reading at all levels for over 13 years, Winston is a true academic who has been teaching college macroeconomics and statistics for over 30 years. This is especially important to our older and more advanced students who require a great deal of assistance for work above grade level. Jane, on the other hand, is a former Special Education teacher, reading instructor and published author. She is also especially affective in monitoring and teaching young children. So yes, they do have their individual specialties but in working together, they do rely on each other for additional insight.

Q. Are all Kumon centers the same?

A. Kumon is a program, which combines product with service. All centers use the same product in the form of Kumon worksheets much in the same way as teachers in schools across Massachusetts use the same books or music teachers use the same instruments. However, since the prescription of worksheets is based upon monitoring by individual instructors in the same way that direct teaching does; naturally, all decisions and instruction are based on the experience and perceptions of the instructions. Hence, each Kumon center is affected by the individual styles of the individuals who run them and the service granted to your child varies accordingly.

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