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Holidays with children on the sea. What you need to know

Because of work, daily chores, household chores, most fathers and mothers lack the time to fully communicate with their children. Vacation is a unique opportunity to spend time with little fidgets, have fun and get a lot of new impressions. However, so that he brings only positive emotions, going somewhere to rest with children, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.

Where to go with the child for a holiday
With the approach of a long-awaited vacation, and possibly long before him, couples who have children think about where it is better to relax with the children. Of course, each family prefers to spend their leisure time in different ways. Someone likes to relax in nature among oaks and pines, someone prefers the mountains, someone loves to travel, someone is completely satisfied with the rest at the cottage. Each of these options is good in its own way. The most traditional is considered a family vacation at sea. And indeed most of the parents are trying to go with the children to the seaside resorts, believing that such a pastime will not only be a joy for the child, but also a positive effect on his well-being. This is true, salt water, the sun and the sea air perfectly hardens and strengthens children’s immunity.

There are plenty of options for such a holiday. If you want to spend your holiday at sea abroad, but do not want to bother with a visa, you can visit Montenegro, Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey. The first two countries are famous for their clean beaches. Turkey and Egypt – the mass of hotels, ideal for family holidays, equipped with playgrounds, swimming pools. As a rule, they provide a children’s menu and many children’s programs. In addition, in these countries, even in season, you can pick up cheap “hot tours.” Family vacation at sea

If you are not afraid of getting a visa, you can go to the seaside in Bulgaria, Spain, Italy or Greece. The most inexpensive and at the same time comfortable climate is considered to be a holiday in Bulgaria. The beaches of Spain are clean and spacious. In Italy and Greece, guests with children are treated with special care.

A good option and rest on the black sea with children. Here you can have a great time even without expensive trips to resorts or resorts. Ideal for families with children in Anapa. It is shallow and very warm. You can also go to Tuapse, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Kabardinka, Loo. In any of these cities, in addition to beaches, you can find many more places for entertainment – parks, water parks, dolphinariums, etc. Children will love the amusement park Riviera, located in Sochi, where you can also visit the arboretum.

The Crimea is considered to be a great place for children’s recuperation. Especially good for families with children Evpatoria, Sudak, Gurzuf, Force, Yalta.

But vacationing with children in exotic and distant countries is not the best option. Firstly, it will be difficult for a small child to withstand a journey for too long, and secondly, a radically altered climate may adversely affect his well-being.

When choosing a tour, be sure to ask whether there is a hotel for families with children, how old children are placed there for free, what beach awaits you (sand, pebbles, stones), whether there is shallow water on it, how far to get to it than with the sea you can still entertain the child, etc.

List of necessary things
When the issue of a place of rest becomes resolved, caring parents inevitably ask for another – what to take with them to the sea with the child. Every mom and dad do not want the kid to lack something, so they try to take everything and more. Often, after collecting lots of overwhelming bags, the parents still forget something important and really necessary. To avoid this it is worthwhile to approach the choice of things for the baby rationally.

Clothes, shoes. It is clear that without this child can not do. You will need mostly light clothing, but pants and sweaters also do not interfere, because the weather can always change. In addition, be sure to take a pair of hats (better than light ones), swimming trunks, swimsuits and comfortable worn sandals (they will be useful for hiking and excursions). What to take with you to the sea with your child
Stroller-cane, preferably with a large hood. A light stroller cane will not hurt, even if a child is traveling to the sea of ​​3 years. The fact is that active kids at that age in the sun get tired much faster. And a tired kid with a beach to carry in a wheelchair is much more convenient than carrying on hand. In addition, in it a crumb can take a nap in the shade without any problems. Useful stroller and for transporting beach accessories – toys, blankets, circles, etc.
Diapers or pot. It all depends on the age of the child. Babies, of course, will need diapers. Children under the age of five should take a pot, since it is better not to drive them to the general toilet. You can put a disposable diaper inside it, then you will not have to wash it on the road.
Toys If you do not want to go broke, buying crumbs things for entertainment at the resort, take everything you need with you. To relax by the sea, you will need inflatable circles, balls, mattresses.

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