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How to deal with children’s tantrums

Every parent encountered tantrums in a child. They can be single and fast, or they can be frequent and long, with rides on the floor and screams that make others think that something terrible has happened to the baby. At such times, the parents are lost, not knowing how to resist the behavior and prefer to give up the child. To do this constantly is very reckless.

Why you need to fight tantrums
Parents condescending to children’s whims and tantrums convince themselves that everything will pass with age. You should not hope for it, because all the main character traits are formed in childhood. If the child gets used to the fact that desires can be accomplished with the help of hysterics and screams, he will do the same when he grows up.

Although children are naive and inexperienced, they are capable of cunning. Kids differ observant and accurately determine the weaknesses of adults. They can use different methods to get what they want, but the easiest and most effective of them is hysteria. Some parents can not stand the tears, so it is easier for them to yield than to watch his sufferings. Others are afraid of the reaction of others to an attack of hysteria in a child, so they fulfill all the whims, if only he calms down. Small manipulators quickly realize that their method works and they start to resort to it again and again.

How to cope with tantrums in a child
One method of dealing with children’s tantrums does not exist, because children are different and everyone needs their own approach. But there are techniques that will help in this matter.

Switch attention. Need to learn to anticipate hysteria. Watching the child, try to understand what behavior precedes its approach. This may be a whine, wheeze or pursed lips. Catching a sign, try to switch attention to something else. For example, offer him a toy or show him what is happening outside the window.
Do not yield. If you fulfill the desires of the child at the time of hysterics, he will continue to arrange them to achieve the goals.
Do not use physical punishments and screams. This provokes more frequent tantrums. Try to stay cool, showing an example of poise. A slap or slap will provoke the child more and he will begin to cry more easily, because there will be a real reason.
Show your displeasure. With each attack of hysteria, let’s understand the child that you do not like this behavior. No need to shout, persuade or threaten. You can show this, for example, by facial expression or voice intonation. Let the crumb on similar grounds learn to understand that you are unhappy with his behavior and this can lead to bad consequences: a ban on cartoons or a deprivation of sweets.
Ignore. If the child throws a tantrum, try to do the usual things, not paying attention to tears. You can leave the baby alone, but keep it in sight. Having lost the viewer, he will not be interested in crying and he will calm down. Making sure that you do not give in to provocations, the child will have no reason to resort to hysterics. If the child is anxious and suspicious, he can go deep into a state of hysterics and will not be able to get out of it on his own. Then you need to intervene and help calm down.
Stick to one line of conduct. The kid can make tantrums in different places: in the store, on the playground or on the street. It is necessary to let him know that your reaction will remain unchanged under any circumstances. When a child has a fit of hysteria, try to follow one line of behavior.
Talk with your child. When the child calms down, sit him in your arms, caress and discuss what caused the behavior. He must learn to express emotions, feelings and desires in words.
Teach your baby to express their discontent. Explain to the child that everyone can get annoyed and angry, but they do not scream and do not fall to the floor. Such emotions can be expressed differently, for example, speaking out loud.

If the baby is used to arrange tantrums, do not expect that you will be able to get rid of them the first time. Most likely, the child will still try to return to the old, because he just managed to achieve the desired. Have patience and you will soon reach an understanding.

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