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Gifts to the child for 2 years: useful surprises

Store consultants take advantage of the confusion and inexperience of buyers, offering an expensive or unpopular version of a children’s gift. Such an acquisition may not like the crumbs or his parents and the money will be wasted. To prevent this, consult your baby’s parents before buying: they will tell you that it is better to donate their child for 2 years.

If there are no special requests or wishes, then check out the popular products for children of this age. You will be helped by a list of educational and unusual gifts that will suit a two-year-old child.

Useful gifts for 2 years
A child at 2 years of age actively learns the world and develops. The coordination of movements and the work of the sense organs is improved, fine motor skills are improved. This determines the preferences and behavior of the baby: he tastes everything, reacts to sounds, turns objects in his hands and does not sit still. These features take into account in thinking about what to give for a birthday of a 2-year-old child.

Picking up a gift to a two-year-old karapuz, keep in mind the “usefulness” of a surprise. In online stores and local children’s markets you can always find a developing gift.

Plasticine or dough for modeling

Baby pens continue to develop and explore the environment. To make the process fascinating, present a small set for modeling. This may be a children’s plasticine, special mass or salted dough. The last option can be ordered or bought by choosing colors. Plus, the gift is that it develops fine motor skills and the imagination of the child, is safe if it gets into the mouth (although it is better not to allow it), does not stick to the hands and does not stain.

Equally suitable for boys and girls. Not suitable for babies with developmental problems of the upper limbs and an allergy to the components of clasterine.

What to give for 2 years


In the age of high technology, do not underestimate the designer. The range of children’s invention is wide (cubes, figurines, blocks, mosaic). The designer develops thinking, motor skills and fantasy.

Choose a designer with blocks of different colors and shapes. Give preference to the designer, consisting of large parts that the child can not swallow.

Boys who will be able to assemble a house, a garage or a plane from a designer will especially like it.

Not suitable for children suffering from diseases of the upper extremities. For children who are lagging in mental development, get a simple constructor.

Give a girl for 2 years


A useful way of spending time for a child of two years old is mastering lacing. This is a special invention for children, teaching to thread threads into holes to fasten elements. Scene lacing is in demand among kids: suitable parts are tied to a picture with missing details.

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With the help of the game, the baby learns to be attentive and careful. Thinking and fine motor skills, visual functions are actively developing.

Lacing can give a girl for 2 years. Babies are usually more diligent and patient than boys. A set of felt buttons and plastic needles with threads, as well as for gathering children’s beads is suitable for a small needlewoman.

Not suitable for children with poor coordination of movements and weak eyesight.

A gift for 2 years girl

Gifts for the entertainment of children 2 years
Little fidgets in two years want to play, learning in the process of creativity. If you want to teach a child something with a toy, cheer and take for a while, pay attention to these gifts.

Drawing set

Children of 2 years love to draw on the surrounding objects – on the walls, tables, doors, books. If you want to protect the interior at the hands of a young artist, then give him a set for drawing. With it, the child will give space to the desires and fantasies, without spoiling the situation at home.

The drawing process develops hand motor skills, imagination and visual perception.

Purchase a ready-made set or collect it yourself. For example, buy an album for drawing and finger paints, a coloring book and wax pencils, a special board, an easel and children’s felt-tip pens, crayons.

Then you do not want to launder the tools, clothes and hands of the child – buy aquamat. This is a special set for drawing, consisting of a rubber pad for creativity and manifesting markers of different colors.

Drawing kits are suitable for two year old boys and girls. Not suitable for those who are allergic to materials for drawing or problems with the musculoskeletal function of the upper limbs.

Original gift for 2 years

Children’s ball

The ball can be used for different purposes: rolling, tossing, passing to another. Playing with the ball contributes to the mobility of the child, which is important for the full development of muscles and bones. A regular ball game increases the reaction time of a two-year-old child.

The ball is a budget and pleasant gift for 2 years for a boy who will appreciate it. For a small athlete, buy a small rubber ball.

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