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How to teach a child to order – 8 rules

Children and order in the house – incompatible concepts. So that you do not have to dismantle daily the debris left by your child, to spoil your nerves, forcing him to make the bed or wash his plate, he must be taught to order from early childhood, from about 3 years old.

So that the child does not become a slut
An important role in teaching the child to order plays its own example. It is foolish to demand accuracy if you live in disarray. Show by example what cleanliness is in the house. Explain the benefits of order. For example, if things are in their place, you can always easily find everything that is necessary. Put the toys together, fold the clothes and tidy the table.

You may have noticed that children in their 3-4 years show interest in the actions of their parents and try to imitate them in everything. This must be used. If the baby is willing to help you, for example, in wiping dust or sweeping the floor, you do not need to chase him away and say that he is small for this. Do not be afraid to give him a broom in his hands. Actively involve the child in homework, even if such help only adds to your worries. Give him the most simple tasks, and eventually begin to complicate them. As a child, it will be an exciting game for him, and in the future it will become commonplace. Most importantly, do not forget to praise the baby, even if he coped with the task imperfectly. Let him feel the importance, let him be sure that his work is not in vain and you appreciate his efforts.

children and house order

8 rules for teaching a child to order
Mostly parents feel sorry for the children and do everything for them, as a result, they cannot even achieve the most elementary from the matured child. And then they face the question of how to teach a child to order. According to psychologists, this can be achieved if you follow simple rules.

If the child does not want to remove the toys, try to approach the problem with fantasy. For example, an unpleasant process can be turned into a game: arrange competitions, who will collect items faster or more. Good helpers will be beautiful, bright boxes for toys, in which everything can be carefully arranged. For cars, you can think of a garage, for dolls – a castle or a house. It is useful to come up with a ritual, for example, to collect toys before bedtime.
If the child does not have his own room, try to set aside for him at least a corner for the order in which he will follow on his own.
Teach your baby to the fact that every thing should have its place. For example, plasticine should lie in a box, pencils in a pencil case, albums and notebooks in a box.
Entrust your child with a simple daily task. For example, the child’s household chores may include feeding the fish, walking the dog, or taking out the garbage. It does not take a lot of time and effort, but accustom to responsibility, hard work and accuracy.
Give your child clear instructions, specifically say what he should do. Many children are helped by a to-do list, with clear, understandable formulations: take out the garbage, wash the dishes, wipe the dust on the table, and clean the carpet.
Distribute household chores among all family members, so that everyone is responsible for a specific area of ​​work. Let the child see that everyone contributes to maintaining cleanliness and order. This will make it possible to realize that the child is part of a team based on mutual help and support.
Do not scold or criticize the child if he has done something wrong, otherwise you will discourage him from all the help.
Household help for children should be regular, not occasional. For example, if you require a child to make a bed, he should do it daily.

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