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How to prepare a child for kindergarten

The beginning of a kindergarten visit is a new period for a child, which marks the first steps towards independent living. It is better to prepare for such changes in advance, at least 3-4 months before the child’s planned enrollment in kindergarten.

Choosing a preschool
It is necessary to determine the appropriate preschool institution. His prestige should not come first. It is necessary to pay attention to the distance of the kindergarten from the house: it is better if it is located closer so that the road does not tire the kid. To determine the most worthy of institutions should use the tips of friends or reviews on the Internet. It is worth paying attention to the methods of education and training, which are practiced in preschool institutions. You may like the gardens, for example, with a sports or artistic bias.

It will not be superfluous to go through the places you like, take a closer look and talk to the future teachers of the baby, because it depends on them whether the baby will enjoy attending the kindergarten with pleasure.

How to prepare a child for kindergarten
In our country, children are sent to kindergarten from about 2 years old. Psychologists believe that the most appropriate age of a child for kindergarten is 3-4 years. Such children speak well and understand a lot, therefore it is easier to negotiate with them. But at whatever age you decide to give the child to kindergarten, it is better if he will have certain skills.

The child must:

Independently walk or ask for a pot.
To be able to use a spoon and a cup, eat it yourself.
Wash hands, wash and dry.
Perform simple requests.
Clean up the toys.
Of great importance is the psychological readiness of the child to kindergarten.

necessary child skills

The greatest stress for the baby will be separation from loved ones, especially this affects uncommunicative children. The child needs to prepare:

Try to be with him more in crowded places.
Leave a crumb with people unfamiliar to him, such as a grandmother, aunt or girlfriend, whom he rarely sees. If possible, the baby can be left with a nanny.
Often go with a crumb to visit, for this fit families with young children.
While walking, go with the baby to the territory of the kindergarten, which he will attend. Inspect the playground and watch the children walk.
It will be good to introduce the child to future carers in advance and try to establish good relations.
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Another stress for the baby will be the new team. To make it easier for the child to integrate into it and find a common language with other children, it must be taught the elementary norms of behavior and communication.

Make sure your child communicates with his peers enough. Visit the playgrounds more often, encourage the child to communicate, discuss with him what the surrounding children do and how they behave.
Teach your baby to meet. Show by your example that there is nothing terrible in this: ask yourself what is the name of the children and introduce your baby to them.
Teach your baby the right communication. Explain to him how you can invite other children to play or offer to exchange toys. Organize joint games for kids. The child should be able to stand up for himself, but at the same time should not offend others.
child in a new team

To make it easy for the child to adapt to the kindergarten, it is desirable to teach him to the regime, which is followed in the preschool institution. It would not be superfluous to find out which dishes are included in the garden menu and enter them into the child’s diet.

Try to create positive emotions in your child regarding the kindergarten. Tell him more about the place and what they do there. Try to do it in the form of a game, reincarnated as an educator. Later this role can be trusted to the baby.

If a child is free to make contact with relatives and strangers, is willing to cooperate, strives for independence, is able to lure himself with play, is benevolent and open with other children – we can assume that he is ready to attend kindergarten.

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