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Age features of children 3 years

Time flies by and the little one has already turned 3 years old. He matured and wised up, it’s easier to agree with him. Now comes a serious period – a personality begins to form. It is important not to miss the moment and lay a solid foundation.

Psychological features of children 3 years
At this age, children’s consciousness changes and they begin to perceive themselves as a person. In this regard, parents may face some difficulties.

Kids have a desire to manage their own lives. They find themselves in a difficult situation, since on the one hand children tend to do everything themselves, rejecting the help of loved ones, and on the other, continue to reach out to their parents, realizing that they cannot do without their care. This can cause unbalanced behavior, protests, stubbornness, hysteria, and even outbursts of aggression.

During this period, it is important for adults to respect the child, to make him realize the value of their own opinions, tastes and interests. It is necessary to support his desire for self-realization and provide the child with an opportunity to express individuality, because he already clearly understands what he wants.

Also, the psychological characteristics of a 3-year-old child consist of irrepressible curiosity and activity. He often asks the questions “why?” And “why?”. The child is interested in absolutely everything, because before that he was acquainted with the outside world, and now he wants to understand him. The level of development of a child of 3 years is determined by how early he begins to ask such questions – the earlier, the more complete the mental development. It is important for parents to support the curiosity of the child and help him learn the world.

Three years of age is the best period for the development of children through games, for example, modeling, drawing and designing. This will positively affect the formation of memory, perception, speech, perseverance and thinking.

Children of this age become more susceptible to criticism, blame and comparisons with others. For them, the support and evaluation of their activities is important, this has an impact on the formation of self-esteem. Parents need to teach a child to overcome difficulties, helping him to achieve positive results.

Emotional development of a child 3 years
The kid starts to rejoice if he can do something, and be upset if he does not come out. He shows pride in himself and for his relatives, for example, “my dad is the bravest”, “I jump the best”.

Emotions cause beautiful and ugly things in him, he notes the difference between them and assesses them. He notices the joy, discontent, grief of others. It can empathize with the characters when watching cartoons or listening to fairy tales: angry, sad, and rejoice.

A crumb can feel a sense of shame or grief. He knows when he is guilty, worries when being scolded, can take offense for a long time for punishment. Understands if someone else is doing poorly and gives it a negative evaluation. The child may be jealous or stand up for others.

Speech development of a child 3 years
At this age, children are already well spoken, they can speak out and understand what they want from them. If two-year-old children can develop differently and have no requirements for it, then a developed three-year-old child should have some skills.

Speech features of children 3 years:

The kid should be able to name the pictures of animals, clothes, household items, plants and equipment.
I should say “I” about myself, and use the pronouns: “mine”, “we”, “you”.
Must be able to speak in simple phrases consisting of 3-5 words. To start combining two simple phrases into a complex sentence, for example, “when mom finishes cleaning, we will go for a walk”.
Engage in dialogue with adults and children.
I should be able to tell about what he was doing recently and what he is doing now, i.e. lead a conversation consisting of several sentences.
Must be able to answer questions on the story picture.
Must answer, what is his name, call the name and age.
Outsiders need to understand his speech.
physical development of three year old children

Physical development of a child 3 years
Due to accelerated growth, the proportions of the body change, children become more slender, their posture and shape of their legs change noticeably. On average, the growth of three-year-old children is 90-100 centimeters, and the weight of 13-16 – kilograms.

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