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Gifts for 1 year – what to give a boy and a girl

The first names with the thrill of waiting for the parents of the child and family members. In order to find a gift to succeed, decide what you will give.

Educational gifts
In the first year of life, the child develops rapidly. By the year he is already trying to walk and talk, he understands simple words, shows independence, perceives uncomplicated melodies and plays with adults.

A gift that will suit any child, regardless of gender, is a sorter. From the name it is clear that you need to “sort”: in the holes of a certain configuration to insert parts that are suitable in size and shape. During the game, the child learns to compare, analyze and select elements. There are different types of sorter: wood and plastic; in the form of a pot and a house, there is even a sorter in the form of a package with eggs. With the help of toys, children learn shapes, colors and numbers. The invention develops fine motor skills and imagination.

The sorter is not suitable for one-year-old children with retarded mental and physical development. For such a child, it is better to purchase it later – in a few months.

What to give for 1 year boy

For boys
A good gift option for a boy for 1 year will be a wheelchair. The wheelchair is replaced by a convenient and interesting type of transport. The machine wheelchair will allow parents to control the movement and does not overload the child’s muscles by teaching him to walk. In addition to being able to drive a typewriter, it can be rolled and pushed. There are cars equipped with levers and buttons that can spin and make sounds. This “type of transport” develops logical thinking, building causal relationships.

The toy will not work for babies who have developmental pathologies or lower limb injuries. Doctors do not recommend even healthy children to spend more than 15-20 minutes a day on such machines, as this can provoke valgus deformity of the legs.

Give a girl for 1 year

For girls
A good gift will be the first doll. 12 months is the age when you can teach a girl to play with a baby doll. As a first doll, give preference to a small rubber or soft-sized one — about 30 cm. Without hair wigs and similar to a child. It is pleasant to hug such dolls, they are difficult to spoil or break. Teach the girl to put the doll to sleep, feed, bathe and change clothes.

The toy is designed for developed children who are able or quickly learn to perform actions with the object.

Gifts for fun
Choose gifts that will cheer up the child if you do not know what toys the birthday boy already has.

Guys at the age of one will love the magnetic fishing kit. The advantage of the game is that you can play in the water. This will entertain the child while bathing, lift the mood and help develop coordination of movements. The advantages are durability and low price.

The game set will not be suitable for children with poor coordination of movements and problems with the hands.

1 year gift for a boy

For boys
Boys will love the children’s set of “male” tools. If a child likes to watch how dad clogs a nail or works with a drill, donate such a kit. You can find a simple version of “daddy’s workshop” with a pair of plastic tools. Some sets for the smallest include, for example, additional “knocking panels” into which you need to hammer balls or pegs with a hammer.

The ability to use the set involves a high level of development of the baby, so not all one-year-old children will show interest in him. Still, most of the sets are designed for ages from 3 years.

Gift girl 1 year birthday

For girls
Young children often notice how adults hold a phone in their hands that makes sounds and changes pictures. But, if you want to protect your mobile device from sloppy baby hands and satisfy the curiosity of the baby, then give her a toy phone. For girls, they are released in pink with the image of the heroines of cartoons. There are prototypes of standard telephones and “cellular”. Elements of the phone: a multi-colored case, numbered keys, buttons with recorded sounds, voices or songs and light bulbs.

The device is not suitable for babies who are afraid of loud mechanical sounds or flashing built-in light bulbs.

What to give for 1 year boy

Original gifts
Unusual gifts will help to stand out and surprise not only the baby, but also the parents.

Parents dream to capture the first birthday in the photos. A nice surprise for the family will be a photo shoot, which you can order in honor of the name of the child. This may be a family photo or posing for one baby. The photo session can be held at home, in the studio, in nature and in the children’s entertainment center. In addition to positive emotions you will get colorful photos for memory.

Most children are not aware that they are being photographed. As a result, they may be frightened by the flash, the presence of the photographer or the unusual situation.

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