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The list of things in the hospital: what to buy for mom and baby

All pregnant women can be divided into two parts: one before the birth of the child, trusting superstitions, try not to acquire any things, others pre-stock necessary. How exactly to act – everyone should decide himself. If a woman is calmer, the necessary things can be purchased after the birth of the baby, especially since there is no shortage now and the stores offer many different children’s products. But regardless of whether you buy everything in advance or at the last moment, it’s worth everyone to know what the newborn needs and what to be ready for.

What to take to the hospital
Even if you plan to buy everything you need for your baby after his birth, you will have to stock up on some things that will be needed for the first time in the hospital.

The list of things in the hospital to the birth of a child:

Diapers. One package is enough, but you only need to choose the smallest ones intended for newborns. The size of the diaper is determined by weight. For children, just born, there are two types of 2-5 kg. or 3-6 kg. If the baby is full term, give preference to the second species, since the first may be small.
Clothing. Do not take a lot of clothes in the hospital, because there you will spend only about three days. The baby will need socks, a cap (you can have a couple), three pants and the same vest (the latter can be replaced with a cotton cloth and overalls, slip), in case of cold, take a warm blouse, as well as a small blanket.
The diaper. Even if you do not plan to swaddle the baby, you will need several flannel and several calico diapers (you can take three pieces). They are very convenient to use for bedding.
Baby wipes, towel, baby soap, powder. Shopping list for the birth of a child can be replenished with a silicone spoon. It is useful if you have to feed the child.
Things for discharge. It is not necessary to take them with you to the maternity hospital, just prepare everything you need, and before you leave, ask your relatives to bring them. For the crumbs will need an elegant set (it must match the season). In cold weather, a warm envelope and cap.
Shopping List for the birth of a child

Before collecting clothes and diapers, be sure to wash them and then iron them.

What parents get for the birth of a child
Today, many women are beginning to think about the dowry for the future baby, just as they learn that they are in an “interesting” position. Encouraged by the upcoming motherhood, future moms are buying cute miniature blouses, dresses, caps, etc., and, sometimes in large quantities. Beautiful things are needed, they will bring a lot of pleasant emotions, though not to the kid, but to all the relatives. After all, it is pleasant to watch the recently born baby, dressed in a nice suit and hat. However, clothing is only a small part of what the newborn really needs.

The list of things for the birth of a child is the same for everyone. It largely depends on the views on raising children – whether you are a supporter of swaddling, using disposable diapers, bathing a child in a shared bathroom, sharing sleep, etc. We present you an exemplary list of items and things that a baby will definitely need and without which you cannot do. For convenience, we have divided it into several categories.

Large purchases
Stroller. The best choice would be a modern transformer stroller. It is desirable that the vehicle was easy. This will allow you at any time, without assistance, to take out the crumbs for a walk. Please note that the stroller was equipped with a rain cover and a mosquito net.
Crib. To her be sure to pick up the mattress. Additionally, you can purchase special sides and canopy, which will create comfort and protect the baby from drafts. The bed itself can be any. Considered to be convenient models with the effect of a pendulum, allowing rocking baby. But make sure that the bed is fixed, because when the child starts to get up, he can get hurt in the constantly rocking bed. Well, if you pick up a model with adjustable sides, putting one of them to a small height: you can easily stack the crumbs.
Means for carrying children. For the first time pick up a carrying bag. By the way, some strollers are already equipped with them. A little later, you can get a sling or a backpack “kangaroo”.
Bath. It should be purchased at least because the first time a baby is recommended to bathe in boiled water, and filling a regular bath with it will be problematic.
Additionally, you can purchase a changing table. If you have a car, you also need a car seat.

Linens. A minimum of 2 sets will be required.
Oilcloth. It should be made on a fabric basis. The oilcloth will protect the mattress, changing table or your bed from “baby surprises.”

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