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Baby nutrition in 1 year – diet features, diet, menu

After a year for the kids, a new stage begins. At this age, babies still continue to explore the world, but already know a lot and know how. Their body is rapidly growing and changing. Changes take place in all organs and systems, and the digestive system is no exception.

By the year most babies already have about eight teeth, their chewing skills are rapidly developing and they are showing more and more interest in solid food. The enzymes produced by the digestive tract are becoming more and more active, so the children’s body is already ready to process and assimilate more complex foods than a few months ago, and the stomach has gotten stronger and has slightly increased in size. Despite such changes, it is not recommended to significantly change the diet of a child at 1 year old and sharply introduce “adult food” into it.

How to feed a child in 1 year
With the correct introduction of complementary foods and a carefully thought out diet, as a rule, by the year the children are already familiar with all the main types of products. From this age, the baby is recommended to begin to translate very smoothly to a more solid and varied food. The basis of the food should still be semi-liquid dishes, but not only ground into mashed potatoes, but also containing small pieces of food. You should not give too dry food to your baby, as he may have difficulty in swallowing.

Child’s diet. A child’s nutrition at 1 year old, however, as at any other age, must be balanced, containing all the necessary substances. The caloric intake of food consumed per day should be about 1300 calories, and its volume is about 1200 ml. For every kilogram of baby weight per day should be about sixteen grams of carbohydrates, four grams of fat and four grams of proteins.

In drawing up the menu, it should be borne in mind that the children’s organism needs not only the required amount of proteins, but also their qualitative full value. Therefore, use animal and vegetable proteins that are different in amino acid composition. Of the total protein, animals should account for 75 percent. Their main sources should be meat, poultry and fish.

Main products in the one-year-old baby menu
Meat. Every day, the child requires about a hundred grams of meat products. This can be a rabbit, lean pork, veal, chicken, turkey, and offal – heart, tongue or liver. Of these, it is recommended to cook steam meatballs, meatballs, meatballs, meat souffles, etc.
Eggs In the child’s menu after a year, as before, it is allowed to enter only quail or chicken eggs, but only if the child does not have allergies to them. After a year, babies can be given both the yolk and squirrels. It is recommended to include eggs in the menu every other day or thrice a week one by one. They should only be hard boiled or cooked in the form of an omelet.
A fish. It is recommended to give the kids no more than twice a week to 30-40 grams, and these days meat dishes should be excluded. Preference is given to low-fat varieties, with the lowest content of bones. Cod, pike perch, hake or sea bass are well suited for the children’s menu.
Fat The necessary portion of animal fat, as a rule, the child gets along with meat dishes. But besides this, he also needs vegetable oils. They are recommended to be added to dishes at the end of cooking, in order not to expose to a large heat treatment, during which harmful carcinogens are formed. In addition, it is allowed to add butter to the prepared food, for example, in porridge or mashed potatoes.
Vegetables. The nutrition of a one-year-old child must include a variety of vegetables. It is especially good to combine their consumption with protein products, as they improve the digestibility of protein. Vegetable diet can now diversify green peas, tomatoes, turnips and beets. In a year, crumbs of vegetables should be given still in the form of mashed potatoes, by about a year and a half it can already be offered steamed or boiled vegetables in slices.
products for one year old childFruits and berries. After a year, slowly, you can offer unfamiliar types of berries and fruits – peaches, apricots, kiwi, cherries, lingonberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, cherries, citrus, strawberries, cherries, currants. But only each of these products enter into the menu one at a time and in small quantities, and then carefully watch the baby’s reaction to them. Soft berries and fruits, such as strawberries and peaches, give the child slices, well, hard or with a dense skin, such as gooseberries, chop into mashed potatoes. They can be offered to the baby separately after the main meals or with cereals, cottage cheese or dairy products. On the day of the child should consume about two hundred grams of fruit.
Milk products. Baby nutrition after the year still must include dairy products. At this age, the crumb should get them about 600 milliliters per day. It is recommended to include up to two hundred grams of kefir or up to two hundred grams of yogurt in the daily children’s menu.

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