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Why does a baby cry

It seems that the child is full, healthy, warm and light, so why should he cry? Infants have their own reasons for this. Even the most experienced parents sometimes do not know exactly what their child needs, so for kids the most accessible way to “tell” about their problems is crying.

Despite the fact that the “thought-making machine for babies” has not yet been invented, several main causes of the “tearful” mood in babies can be considered.

Why a baby cries? The first thing that comes to mind when a child cries is he is hungry. Some mothers are able to pick up the slightest signals of their child and distinguish this type of crying from any other: hungry children fussing in bed, they can smack or suck their own fingers.

Dirty pampers
Many babies begin to experience discomfort and irritation due to dirty diapers. Avoiding such a problem will help timely diaper change and hygiene.

Need to sleep
Tired children are in dire need of sleep, but it is difficult for them to fall asleep. The obvious signs that the baby wants to sleep are nagging and crying at the slightest irritant, unblinking half asleep glance at one point, a slow reaction. At this time, you need to take it in your hands, gently shake and say something with a quiet half-whisper.

“I am one in the whole world”
Why is a child crying? A cry can be a signal to parents that it is time to take the child in their arms. Tactile communication is very important for babies. They should feel protected. Such simple actions as stroking, wiggling or hugging help the child develop tactile sensations: what is nice and what is not. Therefore, you can not ignore the crying baby and leave for a long time alone.

Abdominal pain
One of the most common causes of crying in babies up to 5 months is abdominal pain. They are sometimes caused by a lack of enzyme activity in a baby. Today, pharmacies have a wide selection of drugs that help to cope with the problem of gazik in infants. At home, a tummy massage will help. But abdominal pain can be caused by other causes: from allergies and lactose intolerance to constipation and intestinal obstruction.

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Need to burp
Burping is not mandatory after feeding the baby, but if after the next meal the baby starts crying, the main reason for his crying is the need to burp. Small children swallow air while eating, and it causes them discomfort. Just lift after the next feeding of the baby “soldier”, pat him on the back and wait until the air comes out.

Baby is cold or hot
Why is a baby crying? A baby may start crying during a diaper change because he is cold. Also, a too-wrapped child may “protest” against the heat. Therefore, dressing a child, it is necessary to take into account the fact that thermoregulation is not yet developed: it quickly overheats and cools down. You must wear a baby a little warmer than yourself.

Something is stopping him
Even in the USSR, young mothers were recommended to wear a kerchief when caring and swaddling a baby. And for good reason: just one mother’s hair caught on a diaper, diaper, pillow, or under her vest can cause discomfort on the very sensitive skin of a child. Also, the cause of “causeless” tears can be too bright light, a toy under the bed sheet, annoying nap on the fabric. To stop such crying, you just need to create a comfortable environment for the baby and eliminate irritants.

Some parents recall the period of teething, as the most nightmarish child in childhood. Each new tooth is a test for young gums. But not everyone has the same process: some children suffer more than others. If the baby is crying and is suitable for the first tooth, it is worth touching the gums with your fingers. The cause of tears can be a swollen gum with a tubercle, which will turn into a baby tooth. On average, the first tooth is cut between 3.5 and 7 months.

“I’m over it”
Why a baby criesMusic, extraneous noise, light, ticking by parents – all this is a source of new sensations and knowledge. But it must be remembered that young children quickly get tired of bright pictures, music. And the child can “express” crying in the sense of “I have enough for today” in the sense of “With me today”. This means that he needs a quiet atmosphere, reading in a calm voice and gentle stroking on the back.

Children seek to know the world
Crying is a way to tell mom: “I want to know more.” Often the only way to stop such tears can be a walk to a new place, to the store, to the park, to go somewhere or to explore the room.

He just feels bad.
If the child is unwell, the tone of his usual crying changes. It may be weak or more pronounced, continuous or high. This may be a sign that the baby is unwell.

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