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How to choose a mattress for a newborn
The sleep of a small child is the most important part of his life, and not only his good physical development, but also his mood depends on how comfortable he…

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How to choose a mattress for a newborn

The sleep of a small child is the most important part of his life, and not only his good physical development, but also his mood depends on how comfortable he will sleep. Therefore, the most important factor in organizing a place to sleep is a mattress. It not only provides a comfortable rest, but also does not harm the growing children’s skeleton. A sleeping place for a child

When choosing a mattress for a baby, it is worth paying attention to children’s sizes, and not to strive for economy, choosing “for growth”. The main rule: the mattress for babies up to 6 months should not be soft.

Also, when choosing, it is necessary to take into account the durability of the material from which the mattress is made, and lastly – the price. But, despite the claim that the health of the child is invaluable, having the necessary knowledge about the choice, you can save well and at the same time buy a useful and comfortable thing that will last at least three years.

There are many different types of mattresses in the crib. You can choose foamy, hypoallergenic, spring, printed with natural fiber, synthetic material, or combined.

Foam mattresses are the cheapest and most affordable look. They often have a PVC coating that is easy to keep clean. Foam mattress is made from hypoallergenic artificial materials. It consists of “breathing” cells, is well ventilated, while non-toxic and is considered environmentally friendly, and due to its elasticity provides the desired orthopedic effect.

Among the minuses – PVC coating, which can lead to overheating of the child during hot weather. The solution can be an ordinary mattress pad made of cotton fabric.

How to choose a mattress for an infant Spring mattresses are always more expensive and stronger than foam ones. They are made of springs, which can be autonomous or combined. Autonomous springs (independent) do not communicate with each other, but flex separately under pressure on them. The combined spring blocks bend together, and, with a poor-quality interlayer on the spring block, the sleeping child will find himself in a “hammock”, which, naturally, will affect the development of bones. Minus spring mattresses – their weight: they are difficult to turn over and air.

Inside natural fiber mattresses there may be coconut fiber or lateral coated seaweed, which prevents leakage. The most popular modern filler is considered to be coconut coir – the coke palm fiber, which is non-toxic, practically does not rot, and with dense packing does not lose its shape. In addition, it is moisture resistant and well ventilated. The disadvantage of such mattresses is their high price.
What is important when buying a mattress for a baby
Right size. The mattress should be the size of the crib, and the gap between the wall of the crib and the side of the mattress should not exceed 2 cm. A larger gap can lead to traumatic situations. The recommended size of the mattress should not be larger (or smaller) than 1.20 m by 0.60 m, and 0.12 m high.

Rigidity. The mattress should not be very hard, and the body of the child should not “sink” in it, because it can lead to suffocation of the baby. You can do a simple test: push the mattress with force in several places. The shape of a quality hard product should quickly recover and there should be no dents left on the palm. The faster the form is restored – the tougher and more qualitative the mattress. How to equip a children’s room

Water resistant. Mattresses made of such fillers as cotton wool and foam rubber absorb moisture and odors well, are poorly ventilated and, as a result, lose their orthopedic properties. Therefore, you need to choose mattresses with a waterproof layer (for example, latex) between the top coating and the main material, and not to buy purely wadded or foam mattresses for children.

Top cover. Multi-layer coating will ensure the durability of the mattress, and single, respectively, will wear out or tear faster. Preferably, the top coat is made from natural fabrics like wool or cotton.

When choosing a mattress for a child, you need to remember that he absolutely does not care about the cost, therefore, buying a mattress in a store, you cannot use the principle “the more expensive the better.” Choosing a mattress, you should turn to common sense and your own preferences, and then, of course, your child will be comfortable.

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