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Pokemon Go – how to play and install the popular game

Pokemon Go game has united people of different ages around the world. Pokemon Go combines elements of the virtual and real world. Using a smartphone, you need to catch a Pokémon whose location changes depending on actual conditions.

Who is pokemon
“Pokémon” is translated from English as “pocket monster.” In 1996, Pokémon were at their peak of popularity in Japan. Movies, comic books and pokemon toys were easy to find in every Japanese family.

A few years later, fashion reached Russia. All children’s yards were filled with “chips” or, as they were called, “Caps” with famous characters. After the trend has fallen, and it seemed no longer return. But in 2016, the world seemed crazy after the appearance of the game “Pokemon Go”.

The essence and meaning of the game Pokemon Go
The essence of the so popular game “Pokémon Go” lies in catching famous Japanese characters. Players must go to the streets of their city or another settlement – there are also animals in the forests and other areas, and find a pokemon that will be displayed on the smartphone screen. Consider the fact that Pokemons move very quickly.

The point of the Pokemon Go game is to collect as many Pokemon players as you can, which you can “pump”, exchange and fight with other characters in real time.

When will Pokemon Go in Russia
In our country, the game has not come out yet, but the creators of the game warn: there will be no postponements. The game will be released at the scheduled time, which is still kept in strict confidence.

How to play Pokemon Go
You can play only after installing the application of the same name on your smartphone.

After an intuitive installation, start the game.
You will not see the exact designation of the place on the map where the pokemon is hiding. Pay attention to the swaying of leaves and grass: there is a famous hero hiding.
On the right in the lower corner there is a special indicator that displays photos of Pokemon nearby.
Faced with the pokemon, “tap” on the animal and you will open the capture screen. Take a pokeball – a red and white disc, and throw it in the direction of the pokemon when it is placed in a green circle. Repeating this action several times, you will understand the mechanism of the game.
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Once you understand how to play Pokemon Guo, pay attention to the nuances of the game.

Pokemon Go game features
Become successful in the game will help a large collection of Pokemon. In pokedeks you can track your Pokemon. The more and more diverse they are, the “cooler” your rating is.

Pokemon able to evolve. Suppose you caught a lot of polyvags, but you do not have polyvirls and you have not met them before. Then catch more polivagov and then one of the company will turn into polyvirla.

Collect Pokestop – caches that contain Pokemon eggs to grow, and other useful things. More often you will meet them in museums, architectural monuments and other places of culture. So with the help of the game you will also discover many places of knowledge.

Plunging into the virtual world, do not forget about elementary precautionary measures. The world has already recorded several accidents that occurred after a strong separation from reality. Do not forget that the game is only a small part of life. Be careful and cautious when searching for Pokemon.

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