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Making a do-it-yourself slide is the best entertainment for children.

Skiing from the mountain is a favorite occupation of children of any age, and only adults can provide them with convenience and comfort in such a business, and they will have enough fun and enthusiasm with interest. The slide can be built from a variety of different materials at hand, and from which, it will be discussed in this article.

What you need for slides
In order to make a slide with your own hands, you can use metal, plastic, wood, as well as scrap materials left over from the old cabinet and desk. Although having a little imagination, one can build a real miracle and put it in the corner of the children’s room to the joy of their baby.

You can make a child of the hill from the old desk.

For this you will need:

lacquered wardrobe door;
plywood sheet;
small planks, which can be pieces of a spade handle, legs from a table or chair.
Production steps:

Put a desk in the corner of the room, which will serve as an elevation. How to make a slide with your own hands
To make a ladder from a sheet of plywood and attach it to the end of the table. The legs of the table or pieces of a spade handle should be nailed to the plywood for a short distance, so that the child can lean on them with his feet when lifting.
With the help of loops and hooks, attach the ladder to the tabletop and in the same way secure the cabinet door from another free end, which will serve as the slide itself.
Now it remains to offer to try it on the baby, providing a pillow as an “ice-house”, or you can ride without it.
Making a snow slide
Making a mountain with your own hands out of snow is easy. The main thing is to wait for the temperature outside to approach the mark of about 0 ᵒС. And, of course, it’s important to have enough snow.

And still need:

metal or plastic shovel;
construction spatula, scraper;
bucket or watering can;
warm mittens.
Production steps:

The primary task is to determine the location of such an improvised attraction. To minimize injuries, it is imperative to ensure that you roll out to a flat area, so that the child can roll evenly to a full stop.
The height of the hill to determine based on the age of the skiers. For children under 3 years old, an elevation of 1 meter is enough, and for older children it is possible to build a higher slope, the main thing is that the tilt shot should not exceed 40 degrees.
Rolling several large balls, to form one of the foundations of the future construction. If you plan to make a high enough slide, then you should consider how children will climb it. The problem can be solved by making the same snowballs that can be laid at the foot in the form of steps.
Use a spatula and scrapers to level the surface of the steps and leave the building before the onset of cold weather. How to make a slide for the children with their own hands
Fill the slide should be in the cold. It is not recommended to use buckets or a hose for this, as the risk of large pits is high. It is better to use the usual garden watering can or the one that housewives use for watering indoor plants.
On a piece of plywood or a shovel with a wide working part, slowly pour water on the building. And you can cover the elevation with a large piece of cloth and pour it through it – this will help the liquid to evenly distribute over the snow.
If, apart from the bucket, nothing was at hand, then the water in it should be mixed with snow and that surface should be covered with this very gruel, left to freeze overnight, and the procedure repeated in the morning.
Everything, the hill is ready. If necessary, potholes on it can be trimmed with a spatula.
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Making a hill of ice
Now we will talk about how to make an ice slide on their own. To do this, you need almost the same means at hand:

spray gun;
Production steps:

Similarly, a smooth, level surface should be formed from the snowballs. The descent must be sealed very well, using any objects with a large weight, for example, a log, as well as a shovel and own legs.
Now the most important step is the creation of the first layer of ice. It will depend on this the subsequent formation of an ice mountain, the absence of it on it. How to make an ice mountain conditioner, holes, hillocks and others that are not capable of reflecting in the best way on the quality of skiing.
The basic ice base is created using a warm water spray gun. Creating each subsequent layer, it is necessary to maintain a gap of at least one hour.
To the surface of the descent acquired the necessary strength, it must be left alone until the next morning. Early in the morning, a couple of buckets of water should be thrown onto the slope and after a couple of hours you can already invite the most demanding customers – children – to sample.
General tips
Being engaged in the construction of the hill of wooden structures, snow and ice, it is necessary to remember about safety measures.

In the first case, it is necessary How to make a child a hill to exclude the presence of various gaps and cracks, where the baby could stick his fingers and pinch them.

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