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Games for children on the street in the winter – entertainment options

Winter is not a reason to spend your free time with your child exclusively at home. Interesting entertainment for children on the street can be organized in almost any weather. There are many winter games that will give children and even adults a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Games in motion
Outdoor games for children in the winter are certainly very useful, they not only help to warm up, but also develop endurance in children, strengthen immunity and provide an opportunity to throw out emotions, which is also important. In the winter, children can be offered many of the active entertainment they played in the summer. For example, salki (running one after another through the snow, kids will get even more pleasure) leapfrog, hide and seek.

There are other options for games:

Beat the puck. One child is chosen to lead, the rest are around him. The task of the leader is to knock out the puck, so that it flies out of the limits of the educated game in the winter for children in a circle (this can be done with a foot or a stick). The rest of the players should prevent him from doing this. Which of the children will miss the puck from the right hand side, takes the lead and becomes the center of the circle.
Relay on the cardboard. Games in the winter for children can be organized in the form of a relay. For the game will need four sheets of cardboard. Children need to be divided into two teams and put in columns. Two sheets of cardboard are placed in front of the child in front. He must stand on the paper and pass, without lifting his legs, to a given point and back. The same should be done to the other participants. Wins a team that can cope with the task faster.
Riding snowballs. The game will require two snowballs and two small sticks. Participants need to be divided into two or more teams and put one after another. The first players are given a stick and a snowball. Their task is to roll a snowball to a given point and back with just one stick. Next, a stick with a snowball is transmitted to the next child.
Snow fun
Winter time provides plenty of opportunities for an interesting pastime. The most exciting games will be in the winter outside for children with snow. One of the best fun for kids is to make a snowman. This process can be made even more entertaining.

In a few small bottles type water and add different food colors to them. Make holes in the caps and close the bottles with them. Winter games outside for children
The resulting colored water, you can easily decorate the Snowman or any other figures of snow (hedgehogs, caterpillars, flowers, etc.) in the most unusual colors.
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Another interesting idea of ​​playing outside in the winter is drawing with snow. You can paint them on a fence, a tree or a wall of a house, making snowballs next to each other. Even for drawing and smooth surface of the snow, which is very similar to a clean canvas. You can draw any stick or own traces.

Popular winter games
Favorite children’s outdoor games on a walk in the winter are, of course, sledging, ice skating, skiing. Another very popular game among kids is snowballs. No winter walk is complete without it.

Of course, it is better to play it in a big company, divide into teams, build “fortresses” and arrange a snow fight. But it is also possible to draw a goal in the fresh air in winter, for example, on a large tree, and organize a match in accuracy. Another option is to dig a hole in the snow and throw snowballs into it. Only two players can play in such games in the open air.

If you wish, you can diversify and improve any traditional winter fun. For example, to arrange sledge races, snowball races, salki on skis, without the use of sticks.

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