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Where to go with children on vacation

New Year’s winter holidays and vacations are a desirable time not only for children, but also for adults. This time of a fairy tale and miracles, noisy fun and unforgettable surprises. If you want to give your child a sea of ​​new experiences, it is worth going to them in one of the capitals of our Motherland, although in other major cities this beloved holiday will be held with no less scope.

New Year’s entertainment in Moscow 2016
In Russia, as usual, there are long winter holidays, which open up wide opportunities for leisure activities. In the capital of our Motherland there is entertainment for every taste and budget. Someone prefer to see the performance in the theater or go to the cinema, someone can not imagine a winter holiday without walking in the frosty air, sledding and skating.

Well, some will take advantage of this opportunity to expand their horizons, meet new people, master the craft or some kind of art.

“Journey to Christmas”
New Year’s performances for children 2016 in Moscow include the festival “Journey to Christmas”, which traditionally takes place every year from December 18 to 10 of the first month of the year. You can plunge into the atmosphere of general fun, take part in mass festivities can be at one of 38 fairs, choosing gifts and souvenirs for all your loved ones, eating sweets, honey, Tula gingerbread, pancakes.

New Year’s performances for children 2016 Moscow

Fairs in the Hermitage Garden and Fili Park
New Year’s fairs will be held in Red Square and in the Hermitage garden. New year for you is impossible without a meeting with Santa with a beard and in a red caftan? Then go to the park “Fili”, where not one old man is waiting for you, but as many as 400, who will dance with a flash mob and invite guests to join in the fun.

There will also be theatrical performances, the main participants of which will be the “fabulous” characters, as well as the permanent Snow Maiden and Father Frost.

Christmas tree for children 2016 Moscow

Concerts, fireworks and entertainment
You can watch the holiday concert and see the pop stars on Lubyanka Square. Unforgettable fireworks and the roar of bright firecrackers await you in the Hermitage Garden, and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the elegant and noisy skating rink on Red Square next to GUM. But only in TsPKiO of the name of Gorky you can not only get up on your favorite skates, but also enjoy the wonderful illuminations, undulating bizarre installations that are built right into the ice!

New Year’s performances for children 2016 Moscow

The best Christmas tree in Moscow
Christmas tree for children 2016 in Moscow will be held in the City Hall from 2 to 4 January, where the best actors of the city, animators, dance troupes with children and special effects specialists who have gathered here from all over the world will show their show program.

New Year’s performances for children 2016 Moscow

Christmas tree in “Melikhovo” and fun at the zoo
Christmas tree for kids from 4 to 12 years old will be held in the museum-reserve “Melikhovo”. And at the Moscow Zoo, for the duration of the festivities, the whole program starts with the participation of Santa Claus, who, together with children and adults, will look for the missing bear cub.

New Year’s performances for children 2016 Moscow

Skytown High-Rise
Well, those who lack drive and extreme in life should go to the Christmas tree in the high-rise park “Skytown” with its swinging obstacles, children’s parkour, “Giant swing” attraction.

Holiday Activities in St. Petersburg 2016
The New Year program in the northern capital of our country is very rich and every year it becomes more diverse and more original. The vastness of the event series allows everyone to choose entertainment that meets their own wishes and preferences.

Entertainment on Elagin Island
If your child has long dreamed to feel like the heroine of Natasha Rostova and get to a real ball, you should go to the “Elagino-Ostrov Palace”, where court dressers will dress your child in a historical costume and send to the meeting the Empress. New Year trees for children 2016 St. Petersburg

New Year’s Fair at Expoforum
During the winter holidays in the Expoforum exhibition complex, children and their parents can get acquainted with the New Year customs of different countries, take part in the fair, master classes and performances.

Presentation on Pioneer Square
Pioneer Square invites everyone to the New Year performance for children 2016 in St. Petersburg. Coming here, you can see the performance of music and dance groups from all over Russia, try dishes and drinks of cuisines from different countries, ride a skating rink and much more.

If your child is to the mysterious and unknown, and wants to learn more about medieval alchemy, then you have a direct road to the planetarium in Alexander Park.

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