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Games on the development of perception and sensations – we are engaged with the child at home

The value of the game in the life of the little man is huge. Through the game, the kid learns the world around him and learns his laws. Through various amusements, a child satisfies his curiosity, broadens his horizons and seeks the connection between objects and phenomena. It is known that a person has five senses and each can be developed with the help of certain fun at home, independently engaging with the baby.

Games on the development of visual perception
The development of visual perception in children begins with the organization of the game. That is, the baby must first be interested in, not simply by spreading out in front of him the rattling boxes of grains, but by offering to feed the hungry chickens, which means you need to take care in advance that these chickens are available. You can find a suitable picture in a magazine or draw a layer yourself. Games for the development of children’s perception

The child can and should be prompted, but he should reach the goal and make the right decision himself. Games for the development of children’s perception of the visual nature are also important because they help strengthen the eye muscles and act as a preventive measure for eye diseases.

According to statistics, the level of pathologies and various visual ailments over the past 5 years has increased by 1.5 times. Parents will be able to warn the emerging problems if they look closely at the baby, give him special vitamins for the eyes on the advice of the doctor and, of course, spend more time on special games.

Here are some of them:

Mix several sets of buttons and offer the child to sort them: first choose the largest, then the smallest, arrange them by color, find those with two holes and those with 4;
attach clothespins to a circle cut out of cardboard to make a “sun” or a “flower”. Have your child remove all the clothespins, and then attach them back. If you have different colors, you can ask the child to alternate different colors or lay them out one by one;
everyone in childhood liked to look for differences in two images, in which everything except for a few details coincides. Such fun is very well developed observation;
Picking up puzzles is an ideal activity for the development of this sense organ.
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Hearing development games
The development of the auditory perception is as important for the child as the visual one. From birth, a crumb is surrounded by a lot of sounds: the sound of starting a car, the sound of rain and wind, the speech of parents, the creaking of doors.

The development of hearing

But the kid perceives these auditory sonoristics unconsciously. They merge with other signals and stand out weakly, or even not noticed at all. In the future, the ability to strain the ear, picking up various sounds, will be useful to him for the formulation of correct and distinct speech, its expressiveness, volume and speed. Parents from the first years of life can develop visual and auditory perception in their child.

The following games will help them in this:

walking with a child on the street, be sure to call the sound source, pointing to it with your hand and pronounce the sound being made. For example, a cat “meow-meow”, a dog “woof-woof”;
when the child grows up, he must himself reproduce the sound of any object or animal at your request. For example, asking a kid how a beetle buzzes, you should get a logical answer;
hide from the child behind the screen various objects that make sounds, for example, a bell, a drum, a rattle, a pipe, a box of matches. The kid must guess the object that you pick up and make a sound in this way;
read to the child a poem in which the same sound is often repeated and ask to name it.
Games on the development of tactile sensations
The development of tactile sensations is very important for the child. Scientists have already proved that the better the crumbs of the fingers and hands have thin movements, the more mature and tactile sensation in children are the brain and speech.

For a baby, any sensations are important, like those that come from bare feet, and those that are sent from the back. The latter have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and also increase the immune defense.

A child who lacks tactile sensations may experience physical suffering, a decrease in mood. Here are some tutorials to help children learn tactile sensations:

Organize a fabric store and invite your child to play. For example, a bear comes to the store and looks for a fabric for tulle. It is clear that he needs a thin, weightless material. And if he wants to sew a fur coat, then it should be warm, with a high pile;
Take the “magic bag” and fold into it any items that fall into your arm. Offer the baby to run his hand inside and, without peeping, to the touch to determine which object was in his palm;
sew small bags and fill them with groats – buckwheat, rice, millet, cereals. The nuance of the game is that each bag should have a pair and the task of the baby to find this pair, feeling each cul;
Tie the child’s eyes and pick up two pencils.

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