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Memory games for children from birth to six years

Many parents want their children to be the smartest. To do this, they as early as possible teach them to read, count, write, etc. Of course, such aspiration and diligence is commendable, however, being carried away by the early development of the child, fathers and mothers often forget about the most important thing – the development of the baby’s memory. But it is precisely a good memory that is a guarantee of successful learning. Therefore, before the child arrives at the school, it is better to focus not on acquiring specific knowledge and skills, which he will master in any case at the appropriate time, but on training and memory development. Moreover, it is worthwhile to develop memorization skills from a very early age. Well, the best way to do this is memory development games.

When selecting games for your baby, be sure to keep in mind that his abilities to memorize are only developing, therefore they are chaotic in nature. The child still cannot independently control the processes of memorization, the peculiarity of children’s memory lies in the fact that it only postpones what the baby is interested in, what causes certain emotions in it. Therefore, any exercises and games should be exciting for the baby, they should cause only positive emotions and a lively reaction. Well, you can start classes with a child from the first months of his life.

Memory games for children under one year old
At about four months old, the baby can already remember important images for himself, and at six he is able to recognize the faces of people and objects. He begins to form the first associations and fears. For example, a crumb can burst into tears when she sees a woman in a white robe, as she frightened him while conducting a scheduled medical examination.

At this time, the main task of parents is to talk more with the baby and tell him about everything that surrounds him. Pay attention to the crumbs of new items and objects, if possible, let’s touch them, explain what sounds they make, how they move, etc. For example: “Look, this is a dog, she loves to run and nibble on the bones, and she also barks,” in the end, demonstrate exactly how a dog barks. It is very useful for the development of the child to pronounce to him the tops or sing simple songs for him.

memory development games After your baby is six months old, you can start the first memory development games. Suggest him to play hide and seek. Hide, for example, behind the cabinet and alternately look out from above, below, in the middle, while saying: “ku-ku”. Over time, the baby will remember the sequence of “peeping” and will look at the place where you should once again appear. Or play another game: take a small toy, show the crumbs, and then hide it under a napkin lying next to it or a scarf and ask the baby to find it.

From about 8 months you can start playing finger games with your baby. Look at pictures with images of animals and objects with him, tell in detail about them and after a while ask to show where the kitty, tree, cow, etc. You can play with the baby in the following game: put three different toys in the box, name one of them and ask the baby to give it to you.

Games and exercises for the development of memory for children from 1 to 3 years
At this age, children remember all sorts of movements and actions very well and try to repeat them. They can already be played in many different games – build towers of cubes, put pyramids, dance, play musical instruments, sculpt, draw, sort through cereals, etc. All this contributes to the development of motor memory.

Try to read the baby as much as possible, and then discuss what you read. Talk to him about everything that is happening – where you went, what you did, ate, whom you saw, etc. In addition, you can offer the crumbs the following games for memory training:

On the table, lay out a few small sheets of paper or cardboard, which depict objects, geometric shapes, animals, plants, etc. Give the baby time to remember them well, then turn the cards face down. The task of the child is to name where what is depicted.
Exercises for memory. Before a child lay out several different objects, let him remember where and what lies. Then ask him to turn away and remove one of the items. The baby needs to determine what is missing. Over time, you can complicate the task a bit: increase the number of objects, remove not one, but several objects, change their places or replace one object with another.
Put a chair in the middle of the room, place some toys on it, around it and under it. Let the baby carefully consider them. Then say that the toys go for a walk and collect them. After that, inform the child that the toys returned from the walk, forgot where exactly they were sitting, and invite the child to seat them in their places.
Collect small objects or toys that differ in shape with your child. Put them in an opaque bag or bag, to make the lesson more useful, they can be immersed in any cereal.

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