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Nature games with children

On warm summer days, one of the best options for a holiday is a trip to nature. This will allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, forget about the problems, and have a good time with fun. In order for outdoor recreation to bring you and children a lot of pleasure and unforgettable sensations, it is better to think in advance about what to do with them.

There is a lot of fun that can be carried away in the fresh air. These are classic games for nature – badminton, throwing a boomerang or a frisbee, flying a kite, catching up and relay races

Ball games
A huge opportunity to create different game processes gives the ball. You can play football, volleyball, “edible not edible” and many other things with him. Here are some children’s outdoor games with the ball:

Hot potato. Participants of the game need to stand in a circle so that the distance between them is about 2-3 steps. The ball quickly spreads from one player to another. The one who fails to catch him sits in the center of the circle. To bail out a player, you need a ball to hit him on the back. This can be done after a few throws, if the participant fails to get on the person sitting, he sits down in a circle.
Catch the ball. Fun is suitable for very young children. Stand in front of the crumbs at a short distance and lightly so that he could easily catch, throw him the ball. Crumbled ball should return to you in the same way.
Who is faster. This game will be interesting to play a big company. Divide participants into 2 teams and divide by numbers. Put the groups in a line opposite each other, and in the middle, place the ball between them. Name any number, while participants from both teams that play under this number must quickly run to the ball and take it to their group. The one who first managed to seize the ball, brings the team a point. Everything is repeated again. Wins a team that can score more points.
playing in nature with a ball

Water paintball
This fun and active game in nature will delight adults and children. To carry it out, you will need water pistols that you need to give to each of the participants. The rules of the game are simple and look like ordinary paintball. All participants are divided into 2 teams and try to get from weapons to rivals. The winning team is considered to be able to quickly wet the other one.

Games with materials at hand
Fun games in nature can come up with any means at hand. For example, to use as a game inventory cones or pebbles. Children will love throwing competitions in a small box, basket or other container. Pebbles and cones can knock objects or arrange a competition in their collection for a while.

Games on vacation can come up with ordinary sticks:

Holding the stick. Pick up a flat, not too thin stick, with a length of 0.5 to 1 meter. Place it vertically on the tip of your finger or palm and try to hold it as long as possible. To maintain balance, you can balance, walk and bend, but you can not support the stick with your second hand.
Falling stick. All players are assigned numbers. They stand in a circle in the center of which the participant is located with a stick. He sets it vertically, calls the player’s number and releases the stick. The player, who was named, must catch the stick before it falls. If he fails, he takes a place in the center, and the former participant takes his place in the circle.
outdoor games

This game has remained popular and loved by many over the centuries. In it, one of the participants gets on all fours, and the rest should jump over it. The game is complicated and the participant, standing on all fours, rises higher. The one who fails to jump over him becomes in his place.

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