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What toys do children need?

Do not underestimate the role of toys in the life of a child. They allow kids to express feelings, explore the world and learn to communicate.

For a child, toys should be a source of joy, motivation for games, as well as a condition for creativity and development. But it happens that the most beautiful, in the opinion of adults, dolls or cars, do not affect the children’s heart and gather dust in the corner, but the crumb happily plays with buttons and plastic cans or does not part with the wiped bear. Why this happens and what kind of toys children need, try to figure out further.

The purchase of toys is spontaneous. They are bought when the baby liked something in the store and the adults could not refuse it, or as a gift when relatives or parents choose a toy based on size, cost and appearance. In all these cases, few people think about what its pedagogical value is, as well as how much it will be interesting to the child and useful for its development. As a result, children’s rooms are littered with the same type, useless, and in some cases even harmful toys. This is bad for the quality of children’s games and the effectiveness of the development of the baby. Toys for children are recommended to pick up taking into account some factors.

Child interest
All children have different characters, temperaments and preferences. Some people like to sit still and sculpt or draw something; others, on the contrary, are constantly on the move and prefer games in which they can throw out energy.

The child’s favorite toy can be a copy of a cartoon character he loves, or any object that opens up the imagination and is suitable for creating different game processes. But she should like him and meet his interests.

Stimulation of action
Children are interested in toys that make them want to act, for example, to carry, move different parts, assemble and disassemble, extract sounds that they want to take in their hands and get down to the game as soon as possible. Toys that involve monotonous actions, like wind-up mechanical, will not leave room for imagination and creativity and will become just a pastime.

Simple but flexible toys, open for transformation, allowing to diversify the game and come up with many options for use, will not bore the child for a long time. These include dolls, cubes, balls, constructors and trucks.

Accessibility and simplicity
If there are several qualities and properties in one toy at once, this is not always good. For example, a plastic dog on wheels, which is both a telephone and a train, at first glance opens up many opportunities for activity. But such a variety can only disorient the child, he does not understand what to do with this dog: talk on the phone, feed or carry. None of the actions can be fully performed. It is wrong to consider such a toy a dog, to transport nothing in it, and the telephone is a hindrance. It would be better to offer a crumbs of 3 different, but full and understandable in the way of action and purpose of the subject.

Motivation for independence
The toy should allow the child to play on their own and have confidence in their abilities. It should contain guidelines suggesting the right actions. If the crumb himself cannot perform the necessary actions with the toy, he will quickly lose interest. But the presence in the subject not only riddles, but also clues, will cause the child to desire to act. These toys include liners, dolls and pyramids.

Age matching
Depending on age, children are carried away by different types of activities, so toys must comply with them. After all, what the baby likes, will not interest the preschooler.

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