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Educational games and toys for children from 1 to 2 years

Each stage in the life of a child has its own value, which influences its development, communicative, mental, sensory, speech and motor skills. One of the best assistants in their successful formation are games.

At the age of one to two years, kids are not interested in role-playing or rule games. During this period, they prefer to disassemble or assemble, close or open, knock, insert and press. These addictions should be the basis for the selection of suitable toys and educational games for toddlers.

Toys for the development of children from 1 to 2 years
This type of toy has been popular for many years. This is not surprising, because with the help of different types of pyramids you can organize exciting games that develop logic, imagination and thinking. They will help in the study of colors, shapes and differences in size.

Examples of games with pyramids:

Offer the child the simplest pyramid, which will consist of three or four rings. He will begin to disassemble it. Your task is to teach the crumbs to take the elements correctly and put them on the rod. Gradually complicate the game and offer the child to collect rings in size, from large to small. If the pyramid is assembled correctly, it will be smooth to the touch, let the baby be convinced of this by running his hand over it.
When the baby masters the game, the actions with the pyramid can be varied. Fold the track out of the rings, arranged in descending order. Or build towers of them, in which, for greater stability, each upper ring will be larger than the previous one.
Pyramids with colorful rings will be a good helper in the study of colors. Get two identical toys, one for yourself, the other for the baby. Disassemble the pyramids, show the child the ring and name its color, let him pick the same one.
pyramids for children

Every child should have this toy. Cubes develop visual-efficient and constructive thinking, spatial imagination and coordination of movements.

Examples of dice games:

First, the child will throw the cubes or put in the box. When he learns to capture, hold and shift them from hand to hand, you can begin to build simple towers of 2-3 elements of the same size.
Go to the construction of complex buildings, consisting of parts of different sizes. Pay attention to the size of the elements and their ratio. For example, so that the tower does not break, it is better to place large cubes downwards and small ones upstairs.
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Colored cups of different sizes
They can play different types of educational games. For example, to put cups one in another, build towers of them, arrange them in a circle or in a line by size, hide various objects in them or use them as molds for sand.

An example of a game with cups:

Crumbs will like the game of “spies”. You will need two or three glasses of different sizes. On the surface, place the largest container, in which hide those that are smaller. In the eyes of the crumbs, take off every detail and say: “What is hidden there, look, there is still a glass here.” After the reverse sequence, begin to cover the smaller element with a larger one. Immediately, the baby will take off the cups, but with your help, learn them and hide. During the game it is important to pay attention to the crumbs, that you can hide the smallest detail in the larger one.
In such toys, special windows are made into which it is necessary to insert pieces of a suitable shape, for example, a circle in a round window. First show how and what to do, and then do it with the baby. To begin with, try to pick up a toy with the simplest forms that are understandable for a child of this age, otherwise, after several failures, he may not want to play it. Frame inserts develop fine motor skills, visual-effective thinking and perception of forms.

Such toys adore all children. Balls can be rolled, thrown, caught and thrown into the basket. They will become assistants in the development of dexterity and coordination of movements.

You can purchase several types of such toys. Children especially like those that make sounds and those that have removable or moving parts. The most useful gurney will be for kids who are not very confident about walking. They distract the child from the process of walking and focus on the movement of the object, prompting him to walk, which makes the walk automatic.

They represent the base with holes in which it is necessary to drive in multi-colored objects with a hammer. Such knockers will not only be an exciting toy, they will also help in exploring colors, training coordination and thinking.

Games for the development of children from 1 to 2 years
The choice of educational toys offered by manufacturers is great, but the best items for games are household items. For this, boxes, lids, cereals, large buttons and saucepans may be useful.

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