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The best board games for children

If you do not want your child to sit for hours in front of a TV or monitor, then offer him board games that will be the best alternative. They will serve not only entertainment, but also help in the development of thinking, fine motor skills, speech, memory, perseverance, imagination and dexterity.

From the range of games offered by the market, you can easily choose what your child likes. Among them, it is difficult to determine the best board games for children, because each has its own preferences and tastes, but some should be given a little attention.

Activity for children
The game is a simplified version of the usual “Activi”, so it will suit children from six to ten years. Participants are divided into several teams and compete in guessing the words given on the cards. A player can describe a word with the help of explanations, drawing or pantomime, but this should be done as quickly as possible. The first team to reach the finish line wins. “Activi” is not only a fun, exciting and interesting game, it also helps to develop communication skills, creative abilities, thinking and increases vocabulary.

This game is suitable for everyone. It can be fun at a party and an interesting activity for the whole family on a day off. Participants need to build a tower of wooden bars, removing them in turn from the bottom of the structure and installing at the top. The construction should not collapse. If one of the players breaks the delicate balance and the tower falls, he will be considered the loser, and the game will have to start over. “Jenga” helps in the development of coordination, spatial thinking, as well as fine motor skills, so it can be attributed to the best developing board games for children.

Wild jungle
Considering the popular board games for children, it is impossible not to mention the game “Wild Jungle”, which won fans throughout Europe. It can play as first graders, and adults. Participants are given a card that must be opened in turn. When two players have the same image, a duel between them begins – one of them needs to grab the statuette located in the center of the table first. Whoever does this will give away all the open cards. The winner is the first to fold their cards. “Wild Jungle” is a fun, gambling game that traces speed of reaction.

The game is an analogue of “Erudite” – a board game in words. But unlike the latter, in “Scrabble” you can use any part of speech, in any cases, conjugations and inclinations, which simplifies the conditions. This is a calm, but exciting and fun game in which you can use the skills of a strategist. She develops vocabulary and thinking.

If the child likes the world of fairy tales, magic, magic potions and spells, the Potion game, which is considered one of the best among board games, is suitable for him. It is easy to learn and does not bother for a long time. Each participant has the task to collect the largest number of magic powders and elixirs, and their action should be stronger than that of other participants. After the end of the game, the results are summarized and the strongest participant is determined. In “Potions” combines mysticism and subtle humor, it contributes to the development of attention and imagination.

“Dreamhouse” is a good board game for preschoolers. It can be offered to children from the age of four. The game is a basis for organizing endless gameplay. It allows the child to create his own fairy-tale world with the help of imagination. Playing in “Mechtarium”, children learn to invent, dream, think and compose, develop logical abilities, imagination and interest in creativity.

Chicken Run
For children from 3 to 8 years, suitable “Chicken Run”. This is a simple but exciting game, which is designed to develop the memory of the child. In it, two roosters and two hens catch up with each other in order to take away the tail from the caught one and attach it to themselves. Anyone who can take over a large number of tails, will be the winner. To move on the treadmill from place to place, you must pull out a card that has the same pattern as in front of the chicken.

Above are a few games that you can play with children. In addition to them, there are many other equally exciting and useful. If you have difficulty with what board game to buy a child, try using this table.

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