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Games and contests for children’s birthday

Games and competitions for children’s birthday are selected based on the age of children. Fun should be harmless, fun and exciting, so that every child spends time with benefits.

3-5 years
To hold a fun birthday child 3-5 years old will require exciting competitions.

“Build a dream house”
You will need:

set constructor for each participant. You can divide one big designer by the number of participants;
reward for participation – for example, the medal “For the most practical house”, “For the highest”, “The brightest”.
The competition provides for a jury that makes a decision and awards winners. Viewers also take part in the voting. The conditions are simple: for the time being, the participants need to build their dream home from the designer.

If there is no designer, then apply an alternative task – draw a dream house and invent a story: who will live in the house, how many rooms there are, what color of the wall.

Birthday games for children

“The fastest puzzle”
You will need:

puzzles for 10 large items. The number of boxes is equal to the number of participants;
reward for participation.
Each participant is given a box with a puzzle of initial or medium difficulty – depending on the age of the participant. At the command of the lead, the participants assemble a puzzle. The puzzle must be assembled in 8 minutes. Winner will be awarded the fastest puzzle medal and the sweet prize. Give other participants sweets in the form of sweets.

“Collect a bouquet of flowers for mom”
You will need paper flowers. You can make yourself from colored paper.

The presenter spreads the paper flowers in advance around the room where the guests will be.

The bottom line: in the allotted time to find and collect as many flowers as possible. Whose bouquet is bigger – he won.

Children’s birthday contests can be invented by oneself, or you can make changes to the selected scenario, taking into account the wishes of parents and children.

To spend children’s birthday fun and profitably help entertainment. Kids games for birthday 3-5 years can be carried out at home.

You will need:

You can buy skittles at a toy store or replace it with an alternative option – build “towers” of designer cubes. To do this, take the cubes of medium size, fold them together and fasten the “tower” with duct tape.

Each team has two people: a child and an adult. The task of an adult is to help and support the child. The one who knocks down all the pins three times in a row won.

“Merry quiz”
Each team has an adult and a child. The moderator asks questions, for example: “What kind of mushroom grows under an aspen?”. From the proposed responses, the participant must choose the correct answer. The response time is 10 seconds. One correct answer is estimated at 2 points.

You will need:

a list of questions for the presenter with the correct answer;
answer cards for participants;
The winners are those who score more points. Quizzes can be themed: cartoons, animals, plants. Questions should be simple, so that the child understands the essence. Adults in the game are helpers. Depending on the complexity of the questions, a tip of the mother or father 3-5 times is allowed.

Distillation on the “Horses”
Participants are fathers with children. As you may have guessed, the role of “Horse” is performed by the pope. Instead of the Pope “Horse” can make a big brother or uncle. Children – riders. Whoever gets to the finish line faster wins.

Similar games better spend on the street, where more space. You can create barriers to the finish line to complicate the level.

First, conduct a safety briefing. Explain to the children that pushing, tripping and fighting is prohibited. Three winners – 1, 2 and 3 places. When choosing awards, do not forget that the Horse is also entitled to a prize for participation.

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Games on the birthday of a child 5 years old should be chosen taking into account the age of the little guests. Make changes to the proposed contests so that all guests participate in them.

6-9 years
The child will suit the proposed options for the age category of 3-5 years, but with a complicated level. For example, in the game “Merry Quiz” you can choose several topics, reduce the time for an answer or add a blitz survey.

For a fun birthday child aged 6-9 years, suitable for the following entertainment.

“Show the beast”
You will need:

Whatman paper or several sheets of A4 format, fastened with scotch tape;
On the paper in the column write the name of all the months of the year in order. For each month, sign the adjective, for example: kind, asleep, angry, clumsy. Below or next, write the numbers from 1 to 31, and opposite the numbers – the names of the animals: crocodile, frog, bear, hare.

Each participant approaches the leader and names the date and month of his birth. The leader, choosing the month and the number on the paperman, compares the values, for example: May – capricious, number 18 – cat. The task of the participant to portray a naughty cat. Who will cope with the task better, gets a sweet prize. Everyone can participate: even children 9-12 years old and adults.

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