Hiccups in newborns - what to do
The emergence of a newborn hiccups scares parents, especially young. These worries are in vain, since the phenomenon is considered normal and does not bring discomfort to the baby. Hiccups…

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Games for children on the street in the winter - entertainment options
Winter is not a reason to spend your free time with your child exclusively at home. Interesting entertainment for children on the street can be organized in almost any weather.…

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Educational games and toys for children from 1 to 2 years
Each stage in the life of a child has its own value, which influences its development, communicative, mental, sensory, speech and motor skills. One of the best assistants in their…

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How to spend a weekend with a child

On weekdays, most parents because of work or household duties do not have the opportunity to spend enough time with children. You can rectify the situation on the weekend – these days will help to enjoy chatting with your favorite crumbs.

There are many ways to spend the weekend with a child. For a joint vacation to become unforgettable and memorable for a long time, it must be fun, interesting and exciting.

Cultural program
Such a vacation will provide an opportunity to spend the weekend not only fun, but also to good use. You can go with the child to the museum or to the exhibition, but not to the one from which your baby will yawn. Surely, he will enjoy the exhibition of cats, butterflies or tropical animals, and maybe he will be carried away by a trip to the paleontological museum or an excursion to the confectionery factory.

A good option for classes for the weekend will be visiting the theater. Just pick a presentation that is suitable for the age of the baby. In advance, take care to purchase tickets in the first rows and do not forget to take a bouquet with you so that your child can present it to the hero he likes.

You can take the child to the aquarium, zoo or circus for the weekend. Ask the child what he likes and, based on his preferences, select the appropriate place.

Sea of ​​fun
What could be more fun than visiting the water park or gaming center! Such entertainment will not leave indifferent any child. In such places there are a lot of rides, slides, labyrinths, tunnels, trampolines on which children are able to play to exhaustion. After that, the crumbs will remain a lot of impressions and positive emotions.

Walk in the fresh air
Even an ordinary walk can be turned into an unforgettable adventure. For example, go explore other yards in which you can try other swings, ride unfamiliar merry-go-rounds and make new friends.

Going on a weekend with children for a walk in the square or park, take a camera with you and arrange a photo session. This activity can be very exciting and fun. Feel free to pose, jump, fool around, make faces – do everything to make your photos come out more colorful and brighter.

During the walk you can find a lot of useful things, for example, beautiful twigs, leaves, cones, flowers or pebbles, from which you and your child can create real masterpieces.

Communication with nature
How to spend time in nature will depend on the season and your preferences. In summer you can go on a picnic, grabbing a ball, a boomerang or badminton, go to the river or go fishing with your family.

On a warm autumn day, you can relax on the weekends with your child by going to the forest for mushrooms, and arrange a contest: who will find the first or who will collect more.

Winter is a great time to play snowballs, make a snowman or go sledding.

Sports weekend
Sports will be great fun for children on weekends. Small fidgets have such a huge amount of energy that she has nowhere to go. Physical activity will be a great helper in this matter. Arrange contests with prizes in the yard between the children or organize any other mobile game, for example, football or volleyball.

A good option would be skating with the whole family on rollers or bicycles. You can go to the pool or sports center.

Rest at home
If there is terrible weather outside and you don’t want to go anywhere, you can organize an interesting weekend holiday with children and at home.

Cooking Do not be afraid to let the child into the kitchen, let him help you prepare dinner. Give him some simple instructions, and then the whole family taste the resulting dishes.
Board games. You should not be limited to “Monopoly” or “Lotto”. There are many board games from which you will pick up some of the most interesting. Such activities will not only be interesting, but also help to rally the family.
Home garden. Do a transplant of indoor plants, make flower pots with your own hands or decorate the pots with painting or appliqué. Pebbles, shells, twigs and even small toys are suitable for creating beautiful compositions from plants.
Make your home more comfortable. You can create comfort in the house with the whole family. Change the decor, think over the decorative elements and make them yourself.
Home theater. There may be a lot of options, you can come up with and rehearse the presentation, filming on camera. A small child will be interested in puppet or finger theater. Play the role of the protagonist and conduct a dialogue with the crumbs, prompting him to action. An interesting occupation will be the theater of shadows. Point the lamp at the wall and teach the kid to show different shapes with his hands.

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