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Age features of children in 4 years

Four-year-olds already belong to preschool children: a child acquires the first ideas about the world, which will expand with age.Four years – a stage full of discoveries for parents and the crumbs. And in order for discoveries to be successful, you should rely on the age characteristics of the child, helping him develop.

The psychological state of a child of 4 years
The psychological feature of a four-year-old child is a vivid manifestation of “feelings and sensitivity.” As the Soviet psychologist and teacher Mukhina VS notes, “in the preschool years, especially at the age of three or four years, feelings dominate all aspects of the child’s life, giving them a special coloring and expressiveness. A small child still does not know how to control his feelings, he almost always finds himself in captivity of the feelings that capture him ”(V. Mukhina,“ Developmental Psychology. Phenomenology of Development, ”1999).

The scientist also emphasizes that “the feelings of preschoolers of three or four years old are bright, but still very situational and unstable.” Therefore, parents should not take seriously over-emotional reaction to events. Sometimes children especially play pranks to look at the reaction of others and to understand what emotions they have leprosy. So the child learns to distinguish between positive and negative sides.

Now children are becoming more aware of what is happening. They have new emotions: shame, resentment, disappointment, sadness. Children in 4 years become sensitive: they catch the mood of a loved one and empathize. Formed moral qualities: understanding, insight, kindness, responsiveness.

Features of a 4 year old child
Intellectual features of the child in 4 years are explained by the level of his anatomical development. The brain is almost commensurate with the brain of an adult. But the right and left hemispheres are developed in varying degrees: the right hemisphere, which is responsible for the expression of emotions and feelings, prevails.

The fourth year is a time of heightened interest in exploring the world, manifesting cognitive activity. A child learns the world not only through books and toys. It is time to make informed acquaintance with the world while walking or attending a children’s event.

It is time to acquaint the son or daughter with the alphabet and prime numbers. Teach your child to do simple arithmetic calculations and make words from letters. You can still teach your child a foreign language. There are many schools offering foreign language programs for preschoolers. Or conduct classes at home.

It is important to regularly train memory. For example, lay out cards with simple images and ask to remember the sequence. Shuffle and have your child restore the order of pictures from memory. Read small children’s fairy tales and poems more often, suggest memorizing and telling them from memory.

Features of the development of children 4 years
The development of speech occupies a significant place among the features of the mental development of children 4 years. The vocabulary already includes about 1500 words. The main peculiarity of speech is “remaking” and shortening of the words heard. These are the invented words that cause laughter and affection, for example, “hoof” instead of “shovel”, “carp” instead of “bicycle”. Correct the wrong variants of pronunciation of words and clearly repeat the correct ones. To improve your speaking skills and improve your vocabulary, say tongue twisters, read books, and talk a lot.

At the age of 4, gender awareness comes: boys are interested in cars and pistols, and girls are interested in dolls and ornaments. Do not scold a child if he is interested in games and toys intended for children of the opposite sex. Open for him the charm of a toy that is designed for children of his gender.

Cognitive classes and intellectual games will help discover talents and develop abilities. To understand how the level of intellectual development of the child corresponds to the norm, check out the list of skills of children aged 4–5 years.

A child can:
count from 1 to 10, write known figures, correlate the number of objects with the desired number, compare the number of objects, recognize geometric shapes.
within 5 minutes to carry out the task, without distracting, to assemble the designer according to the model, divide simple words (animate and inanimate) into groups, find similarities and differences between two similar objects.
to build phrases of 6-8 words, find the subject according to the external description, keep up a conversation with a peer or an adult;
handle the fork and spoon, fasten the buttons of the zipper, tie the laces;
shading the figures, without leaving the contour, to distinguish the left and right hand.
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The child knows:
Name, age and place of residence;
what professions exist (up to 5-10), and what each of them represents; vegetables and fruits, how they look; animals, insects, birds, fish;
how many seasons in a year and how they are characterized.
Physical features of children 4 years
The main indicators of healthy development are weight and height.

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