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What to give a child for 4 years: original gifts

A four-year-old child is an emerging little person. He is no longer “silly”, but a man who is aware of his actions. Emotions in this period reach a new level of development: their duration increases, the quality of conditions changes. Sensations acquire an extreme degree of expression: if joy, then infinite; if offense, then all-consuming. Gaming activity is replaced by cognitive, which will become the leading activity at school age.

Children at the age of 4 have the first conscious sympathy for others. For a four year old, the support and attention of parents is important. An important role is acquired by a favorite toy – it becomes a companion of a child, a part of life, attachment arises.

Guys at 4 years old are trying to talk like adults, which makes older listeners pretty amused.

When deciding what to give to a child for 4 years, remember the character of the baby and tastes. Hyperactive and emotional children will not appreciate the board game, and calm and diligent kids will not understand why they were given a trampoline.

Choosing a gift for a child for 4 years, rely not only on your own preferences, because the child will use the toy. If you are at a loss with a choice of a gift – ask “experienced” parents who have crossed a four-year boundary of children.

In order to find a gift for a four-year-old crumb to succeed, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of gifts for children for 4 years.

Useful gifts for 4 years
Considering the stage of development of physical and intellectual abilities of the child, select useful and exciting gifts, with the help of which it is easy and fun to explore the world.

Training kit or device

Prepare for school should be in advance, so in 4 years you can begin to learn the rules of reading, counting and writing. If you want your baby to learn to read, write, count quickly and easily, then donate a set for learning. Such sets include cards or cubes with letters, numbers. A modern option for learning skills is an interactive device: a poster, a board or a children’s computer.

Not suitable for children who are lagging behind in mental development.

What to give for 4 years

Jewelry Organizer

The traditional “girly gadgets” include an organizer or jewelry box. Any baby by the age of 4 accumulates a lot of hairpins and rubber bands, children’s jewelry. So that they are not lost, give a 4-year-old girl a personal organizer or a box where she will put the decorations. This will teach the child to order and cleanliness. Beautiful jewelry box will be the “highlight” of the interior of the children’s room.

The gift will delight any fashionista, regardless of the nature and physiological characteristics.

Give a birthday 4 years

At 4 years old, it’s time to teach a child to put things in one place, to carry them with you. Convenient tool for carrying will be the first backpack. This will develop a child’s sense of responsibility for the safety of things. Proper wearing of a backpack will positively affect your baby’s posture. Children’s backpack can be taken for a walk, a trip, a visit or a kindergarten.

Not suitable for babies with serious spinal pathologies or weak back muscles.

Gifts for fun for 4 years
For the full development of the four-year crumbs, remember not only the useful properties of toys. In the life of a small child should be a place for play and entertainment. You can borrow and please a boy or girl in 4 years with the following gifts.

Gymnastic ball (Fitball)
A simple rubber ball is a necessary thing, but it quickly bothers children. But the fitball will not gather dust in the corner. With the help of the ball, you can jump, roll, stretch. With a fitball you can spend time at home or on the street.

Parents who are engaged in fitness at home will appreciate the added bonus. In addition to the beneficial effects on the muscles and joints of the child, fitball strengthens the vestibular apparatus.

You should not give children with diseases that limit physical mobility.

Snow scooter

Reflecting on what to give the boy for 4 years, pay attention to the snow scooter. This winter vehicle will be an alternative to boring sleds. Children’s and adult models are produced, which will allow all family members to have fun and actively spend their leisure time in winter. Snow-scooters are equipped with a seat and skis from frost-resistant plastic, have a brake and a wheel.

The acquisition of “transport” will be an excellent gift for the boy, not only for the winter name day. A snow scooter will be a worthwhile New Year gift for a four year old driver.

Not suitable for children with a weak vestibular apparatus, pathologies of the upper and lower extremities.

A gift for a girl for 4 years

Accessories for dolls
From the age of four, children have a passion for collecting. This may also apply to accessories for your favorite toy. Purchase a set of additions to the doll would be a good idea. When choosing accessories, specify which doll the baby prefers. Accessories for dolls include: cot, stroller.

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