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What to give a child for 3 years: ideas for joy

Not for nothing children of three years of age belong to the younger preschoolers. The child forms logical thinking and increases the level of understanding. Small and large motility continues to develop. A child at the age of 3 is often called “why?”: He wants to know everything.

Since the three-year-old birthday boy remembers well the events that are taking place, then one must approach the preparation of the holiday with a soul. This includes the choice of a gift for 3 years. Ordinary toys are sidelined by the little ones, and attention is drawn to things with which you can copy the actions of adults. A child of three years old prefers to play with his peers or alone, and not with his parents. Do not be offended, because the little man learns independence. When looking for a surprise is not a birthday baby rely on the tastes of the child.

Consider 10 options for interesting gifts to your child for 3 years.

Useful gifts for 3 years
A gift for a three year old boy or girl should be developing.

interactive toy

Talking doll, animal or cartoon character will become the best friend of the child, because it is exciting to communicate with them! The invention will appeal to parents who can do things while the little one plays with a pet. With a toy, the child will not feel lonely, but will also learn how to interact with the talking and moving creature. If you donate an interactive kitten or puppy, then you solve the problem with buying pets.

The gift will appeal to children of both sexes. Not suitable for children who are far behind in mental development or are afraid of mechanical sounds.

What to give for 3 years

Logic puzzle

Starting with a Rubik’s cube at 3 years old is certainly not worth it. But you can give your child a logical cube for his birthday. This popular invention in terms of functionality resembles a children’s sorter. The main task is to assemble a cube consisting of geometric inserts and collapsible faces. With the help of a toy, the baby learns to count, get acquainted with geometric figures and develop logical thinking, motor skills, attention and even get ready to master the letter!

A logical cube will be a great gift for an inquisitive boy who will collect items. The toy will not work for children who have problems with coordination of movements and the development of brushes.

Give a girl for 3 years


A developing gift in the form of a dollhouse is the dream of every little girl. By the age of 3, the baby will actively adopt actions from her mother to play with the residents of the house. Doll houses are for every taste and budget: from small wooden ones that you need to assemble yourself, to giant plastic ones, with sets of toy furniture and inhabitants of the house. During the game with the doll house, the child tries on different roles, chooses the idea and participants of the game, masters the purpose of objects and norms of behavior.

For girls who are lagging behind in mental development, participation and tips from an adult will be required during the game.

A gift for 3 years girl

Please the birthday boy with an entertainment invention that will bring pleasure.

Children’s musical instrument

Kids love to play toy musical instruments. Guitar, flute, synthesizer, drum, harpsichord, tambourine, maracas – only a small part of what is sold in the children’s store. Playing a musical instrument develops hearing, rhythmics, fantasy and fine motor skills. It also helps to reveal the talents of the future maestro.

Not suitable for children with diseases of the upper limbs or congenital deafness.

Original gift for 3 years

Radio-controlled transport

“How great it feels to be the master of a toy airplane or a car!”, Thinks a small child, holding a remote control in his hands. To give the baby a chance to feel “at the helm” of a toy transport, make him such a gift. Even adults will not mind driving the invention. The toy develops coordination and attention.

For a boy of 3 years, radio-controlled transport will be the best birthday gift. Do not give the device to children who love to disassemble and break everything.

Educational gift 3 y

Dance mat

If the little fidget loves to move to the beat of the music, then the dance mat will be a pleasant surprise on the name day. The floor mats are waterproof and anti-slip, so don’t worry about the baby’s safety. Physical activity is useful for growing babies who have bones, coordination and agility.

Rugs will appreciate the girls who love to dance to music. Do not give the product to a child who has problems with the lower limbs or vestibular apparatus.

What to give for 3 years to a child

Original gifts for children for 3 years
If you want to give a child something unusual and memorable for 3 years, then note the following ideas.

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