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The development of speech preschoolers – exercises and methods

A person who speaks cleanly and correctly, is confident in himself, is not afraid of new acquaintances, is open to others. Fuzzy speech becomes the cause of complexes, complicates the process of communication. At preschool age, correct speech is an indicator of a child’s readiness for school. Parents should be concerned about this issue from birth.

Stages of speech development
Experts have identified the stage of development of speech preschoolers:

3-4 years. The kid calls the shape, color of the object, the value, gives quality characteristics. Generalized words are used: vegetables, clothes, furniture. The child gives monosyllabic answers to questions from adults, makes short sentences from pictures, retells favorite fairy tales.
4-5 years. Children use in the speech the adjectives, denoting the properties of objects, verbs and nouns are used to characterize actions. The kid is oriented in time of day, the location of objects, describes the mood of people. Improved communication skills through dialogue. The child answers questions and asks them, retells short stories and makes up short stories from pictures.
5-6 years. In the correct form all parts of speech are used. The child in the correct sequence retells small literary works, makes up stories. There is a casual communication with adults.
6-7 years. Children have a rich vocabulary, in speech they use synonyms and antonyms. Developed a culture of communication. The child easily composes stories, independently conveys the content of the heard work.
The stages described are averaged. Consider the individual characteristics of the child. And if the baby has problems with the formation of speech, then special means of developing the speech of preschoolers will be needed.

Speech Development Games
For the child, the best option is the development of speech through the game. And a loving parent has at least 15 minutes a day for short classes with a child. Experts recommend using games that form vocabulary, develop logic, help master the skills of coherent speech. Check out some of these games and include them in your development piggy bank.

“Guess what sounds”
The game is suitable for children of 2-3 years of age. You will need a screen, a drum, a hammer and a bell. Show your child musical instruments, name and ask to repeat. When the baby remembers all the names, let them listen to how they sound. It is better that the child himself tapped with a hammer, beat the drum and rang the bell. Then put a folding screen and use each tool in turn. The child thus guesses exactly what it sounds. Make sure the baby clearly pronounced the name.

Magic Pouch
The game is suitable for the youngest, but it will be interesting for children under 4 years.

Required material: any bag, cubs, toy animals, for example, duckling, frog, gosling, piglet, tiger cub.

Put the toys in a bag and have the child take out one and call it loud. The task is to ensure that the child clearly and clearly calls all animals.

The development of speech preschoolers

“Who’s doing what”
Game for children from 4 to 6 years. It will help you replenish vocabulary with verbs. For the game need themed cards with the image of objects. Here is a real space for imagination. You can show the child anything, things and objects that are used in everyday life.

Demonstrating the card, ask questions: “What is this?”, “What is it doing with this?” Or “What is it for?”. Then complicate the game by adding facial expressions and gestures. For example, an adult hands flying and asks: “Who flies and what?”

The game is suitable for children from 3 to 7 years. It is aimed at elaborating the sounds of m, n, b, and mb, pi, b. Matryoshka, cars, trains, guns, drums, balalaikas, dolls will be needed. Pinocchio with Petrushka or other toys will not be superfluous in the names or names of which have sounds that you will work on.

Arrange the toys on the table and invite the child to play. Say, “I will be the seller.” Then ask again: “Who will I be?” The child or the children respond. Complete: “And you will be a buyer. Who will you be? ”-“ Buyer ”, – the child must answer. Further questions are asked about what the seller and the buyer are doing. Then show the toys you are going to sell, the children should name them.

Then the game begins in the store – the children come to the table and say what kind of toy they would like to buy. An adult agrees, but offers to ask for a purchase politely, highlighting the word “please” with a voice. She gives the child a toy and asks what it is for. It is important that children correctly pronounce the sounds being worked out and pronounce the words.

The game is a great option for the development of speech of a child of preschool age 5-7 years. Subject cards will be needed. Optimally, this game is carried out with a small group of children. The chosen child takes the card and examines it without showing it to anyone. Then he asks the other participants questions: “What does it look like?”, “What is the color of this item?”

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