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How to write a letter to Santa Claus – sample and rules

December is the time of preparation for the New Year. For many, this stage seems tedious – to buy gifts, think over the menu, get smart clothes and do a general cleaning. Do not forget to dilute the bustle of magical events – send a message to Santa Claus!

This is not only a fairy tale for kids – adults also write letters to a kind Grandfather, telling their innermost desires and hoping for fulfillment. Sometimes it does not matter to whom it is addressed and whether it will reach the addressee. Thoughts set out on paper will materialize faster – any psychologist will tell you.

How to write a letter to Santa Claus
On the eve of the holiday, organize a family evening – let everyone write a beautiful letter to Santa Claus. It is possible that in the process of writing, family members will learn about each other’s desires and will try to fulfill them next year. And work on design is a creative activity that relaxes and trains imagination. We learn how the correct letter to Santa Claus should look like.

Start with a greeting – “Hello, good Grandfather Frost!”, “Hello, Santa Claus!”. You are going to ask the wizard for gifts, so show respect in the text.

Make contact
Going straight to the requirements is a bad idea. Do not forget to congratulate the addressee on the upcoming holiday – you can wish Santa Claus good mood or health, to ask how he is doing.

How to write a letter to Santa Claus

tell us about yourself
Introduce yourself, say your name, mention where you’re from. Children always indicate their age. Tell Santa Claus why he must fulfill a wish. Point out your good deeds or ask for a gift in advance, promising to be better next year. A letter to Santa Claus for children may contain phrases like: “I have been good for a whole year,” “I studied only for five” or “I promise to help my mother next year”. The message from an adult looks different: “During the year I never lied to my loved ones” or “I promise to quit next year”.
Formulate a wish
Almost all children are sure – if you write a letter to Santa Claus, the gifts for the New Year will be as they want. Such letters are a great way for parents to learn about the wishes of the child and fulfill them. Very rarely, children write about friendship, health, emotions — more often these are specific things that they want to find in a bag under the Christmas tree. Explain to the child that it is not necessary to write a long list – it is better to ask for one thing, the most cherished.

Adults should ask for something intangible – recovery of a close relative, good luck in search of the second half, truce with your beloved person or good mood in the coming year. Enumerate all desires is also not worth it – focus on one thing.

Completion of the letter
Say goodbye to Santa Claus. You can once again congratulate him on the holidays, wish something, express hope for the fulfillment of the desire, or ask for an answer. Thank the wizard for attention and generosity.

Do not forget to decorate the letter beautifully – children can decorate the sheet with drawings, paste glitter or snow from cotton wool. The letter can be printed out on the printer, having picked up thematic pictures and an original font.

How to find the address of Santa Claus
Most Russians send a letter to Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug. Exact address: 162390, Russia, Vologda Region, Velikiy Ustyug, Father Frost’s house. Now the message can be sent even through the Internet.

If you are not going to send a letter to the child by mail, use one of the options:

put it under the Christmas tree, and then quietly take away;
if on the eve of the holiday the guests came to you, ask one of the guests to convey the message to Santa Claus;
invite the animator home in a costume — the wizard will read the letter in the presence of the child;
put the letter behind the window so that the bunnies and squirrels who help the wizard take it away.
If you do not want the child to doubt the existence of the Wizard, follow the letter – it will not be good, going out with the child to the street the next day, to find a letter blown by the wind under a window or in neighboring bushes.

A letter to Santa Claus in the great Ustyug

Pisma Santa Claus Sample
Option 1

“Dear Grandfather Frost!

I congratulate you on your most important holiday – the New Year.

My name is Sophia, I am 6 years old and I live with my parents in Moscow. This year I learned to help my mother with cleaning. Next year I will learn to cook food and I will also help my mother.

I really want a big talking doll. I promise not to break her and allow my girlfriends to come to visit with her.

I really hope that you will give me this doll. Thank!”

Option 2

“Hello, dear Father Frost!

My name is Ksenia, I am from Ryazan. Thank you for fulfilling my previous wish – I met a beautiful man and got married. I believe that my next wish will also be fulfilled. My husband and I dream of a child. I hope for your help – we need only a piece of your magic, and we will make sure that the baby grows happy.

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