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A suit for the New Year for a girl with their own hands – original ideas

It’s time for the New Year holidays. Traditionally at this time children’s parties and matinees are held. They made kids dress up not just in elegant clothes, but in the costumes of fairy-tale characters. Such outfits without problems can be found in many stores. But you can create them yourself. Consider several options for costumes for girls that can be made with their own hands.

Classical costumes for New Year for girls are a snowflake, fairy, princess, Snow Maiden or chanterelle. If you do not like to be original and experiment, feel free to choose any of these outfits.

Chanterelle Costume

You will need:
white and orange felt – can be replaced with another suitable fabric, preferably fluffy;
color matching threads;
some filler.
Production steps:

Take any dress of your child, attach the thing to the felt and transfer its parameters to chalk. Consider seam allowances. It is advisable to make such an outfit so tight that it can be freely put on and taken off, otherwise you will have to sew a zipper into the side seam.
Cut out the two parts of the costume. At the front, make a deeper neck. Christmas tree suit for the girl for the New Year
From white felt cut figured “breast” of a suitable size. For confidence, you can make it out of paper, and then transfer the pattern to the fabric.
Attach the figured breast to the front of the costume, fasten it with pins or sweep it, and lay the machine stitch along the edge of the decor.
Now fold the front and back face together and sew the seams. Sew a zipper if necessary.
From the orange felt cut two parts of the base of the tail and from the white two parts of the tip.
Sew the tips to the base of the tail in the same way as the breast.
Fold the details of the tail facing each other and sew, leaving a hole at its base. Costumes for New Year for girls Christmas tree costume for New Year
Fill the tail with filler and sew it to the suit.
To complement the image, it is necessary to make more and ears. Fold the felt in half and cut two triangles out of it so that their bottom edge coincides with the fold line.
Cut two smaller white triangles and stitch them to the front side of the ears.
Sew the cuts, not reaching 1 cm from the base.
Put the ears on the hoop. Costumes for the New Year for girls
Christmas tree costume
To sew a Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year, you must have a certain skill. Not everyone can handle it. If you want your baby to be in such a dress, you can make a cape and cap. Everyone can do it.

Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year

You will need:
felt or any suitable fabric;
thick paper.
Production steps:

Cut out thick paper stencils for capes and caps, their sizes will depend on the age of the child, the circumference of his head. Costumes for the New Year for girls
Transfer the patterns to the felt, then roll the cone out of paper and glue its seam. Christmas tree suit for the girl for the New Year Costumes for the New year for girls
Tape the paper cone with a cloth using a glue gun, fill the allowances inside and glue. Christmas tree suit for the girl for the New Year
Collect a cap with a tinsel. Suits for New year for girls
Now trim the edge of the cape with tinsel. Sew a ribbon on its inside, you can take a green, red or any other. Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year
Original costumes
If you want the child to look original at the holiday, you can make an unusual costume.

Suit candy
Monkey costume for girls with their own hands

You will need:
pink satin;
white and green tulle;
multi-colored ribbons;
Getting Started:

Cut a rectangle from the atlas and wash the ribbons on it.
After that, sew the fabric on the side. Handle the seams.
Tie the fabric 3 cm below and above and lay the stitch backing off the edge of 2 cm. Do not short the seam. An elastic will be inserted into the holes later.
Sew ribbons to the top, they will play the role of straps. Candy costume for a girl for the New Year
Cut out 2 strips of green and white tulle. One is wider – it will be a skirt, the other already – this will be the top of a candy wrapper.
Fold and stitch all tulle cuts.
Fold together narrow strips of white and green tulle and, making folds, sew them to the upper part of the bodice. The edges of the strip should be located in front of the center and form a slot. Sewing on tulle, leave room for hands.
Bend the tail of the tailpiece so that it does not cover the face and secure it with a bow of ribbons.
To the top of the candy wrapper does not fall, attach it with several stitches to the straps. Make a monkey costume for the girl with your own hands
The bands are designed for the bottom, sew on the side and attach them, making the folds at the bottom of the dress, while the drawstring should be on the wrong side.
Insert the gum and decorate the costume with beads.

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