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Fairy tales – the use of children’s fairy tales for preschoolers

Even having matured, many people remember the stories of their favorite fairy tales that their parents read to them. Fairy tales like all children, without exception. However, they are not just fascinating stories that allow you to have a good time. According to psychologists, fairy tales are also very useful for children.

Why do I need to read fairy tales
Adults told fairy tales to children in ancient times, tell or read them in our days. Since then, the places of action have changed, the characters, the plots, however, the essence of the process itself has remained unchanged. Why do we need tales

Why do we need fairy tales, what role do they play in the life of a child, and why is it customary to read them to children from a very young age? For many, the answer is obvious – this is a good entertainment for the child. But in reality, the need for fairy tales is much more. Such fantastic stories allow children to present the idea of ​​how the world was created.

They begin acquaintance of children with human relations, give initial concepts about good and evil, meanness and nobility, friendship and betrayal. They teach you how to behave in various situations – when obstacles arise on the way, when you are offended, when someone asks for help.

Serious moralizing the parents of babies tire very quickly and rarely reach their goal. At the same time, the upbringing of preschoolers with a fairy tale allows you to present the necessary information in the most accessible form for children to understand. That is why informative, fantastic interesting stories for children, can be considered the most powerful tool for their learning.

The benefits of fairy tales for children
The use of fairy tales for children is concluded not only in the possibility for the baby to understand the intricacies of the relationship. The influence of fairy tales is much greater, they are:

They teach the good, make it possible to understand how it is better than evil. The tale is good
They give an understanding that nothing is given in life just like that, everything is achieved only by effort and diligence.
Develop speech, imagination, imagination, thinking outside the box.
Compensate a lack of emotion, help to relax.
Develop attention, learn to think.
Learn to overcome difficulties.
Expand vocabulary.
Instill a love of books and reading.
Help to adapt to real life.
Teach communication skills.
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All children like when dad and mom pay attention to them, and not constantly go about their business. A fairy tale, the benefits of which for the development of a child is simply enormous, helps even an adult and a child get closer, it is an excellent option for sharing leisure time.

The best time to read fairy tales
You can read the kiddies at any time; there are simply no clear limitations and recommendations for this. Fairy tales will be relevant in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, the main thing is for the child to be tuned in to listen to adults.

Do not distract the crumbs from other interesting activities, interrupt his games or chat with friends. At the same time, try to read fairy tales to your child whenever he asks for it. Perhaps this occupation is boring for you, but definitely not for your baby.

Fairy tales are especially useful for sleeping a child. Listening to stories, he is forgotten, begins to sink in his fantasies. Knowing that next to him is a close person, the kid’s consciousness calms down his sleep becomes strong and calm.

What fairy tale is better to read
Psychologists say that the development of children with fairy tales can be started back in the hospital, because the communication between mother and baby is never superfluous. During this period, it does not matter at all what kind of fairy tales you will read, the main thing is for a crumb to hear the calm speech of a loved one. Why do children need tales

When the baby starts to be interested in the world around him, as a rule, it happens in about three months, you can attach special books to the bed, and when he wakes up, he will show pictures and read short poems about the characters depicted.

Why are fairy tales for children, we have already figured out, now it’s worth finding out what it’s worth reading to children of different ages:

Kids up to the year will be best served by a variety of podeshki, pestushki, poems, which will call for different actions, games with different objects, the realization of his own body.
For children who have already turned one year old, simple fairy tales about animals, for example, “Chicken Rowan” or “Gingerbread Man”, are best suited.
Kids of 3 years old can begin to read fairy tales in which people and animals interact. But only their plot must be simple, predictable and positive. For example, “Masha and bears”, “Straw goby”, “Geese-swans”.
At the age of 4, children are already beginning to perceive fairy tales. For this age, suitable simple “magic” fairy tales, for example, “Frost”, “The Princess and the Pea.”
After 5 years, children can begin to read more complex works, in which there are sorcerers and wizards. A good choice will be the fairy tales “Twelve months”, “Thumbelina”, “The Little Mermaid”, “The Nutcracker”.

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