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How to choose a baby car seat

Each parent does everything for the safety of their child and the installation of a special child seat in the car is just such a case. According to statistics, in the event of an accident, it saves health and life in 54% of cases for children over 3 years old and in 71% of cases for infants. Someone will say that it is not enough, but the child has no chances to remain unharmed in an accident without a chair. Therefore, it is necessary to think about buying it even during pregnancy, so that the happy father would take the baby from the maternity hospital in his car, which is already equipped with a car seat.

Car seat for newborns
I must say that today there are 5 main groups of car seats and three minor ones on sale. All of them are made taking into account the car seat for newborns how to choose the age of the baby, its weight and height. A baby car seat for newborns can refer to “Group 0” and to “Group 0+”. The first is more like a cradle: it is mounted on the rear passenger seat of the vehicle in a lateral position and is suitable for babies under the age of 9 months. However, most parents opt for a different model and this is why: these car seats are rather cumbersome and have a lot of weight. Fragile women find it difficult to cope with it, but the main thing is that they do not provide the necessary protection, like other models, because they are located across. They cost much more than the seats of the group 0+, and after 6 months they must be replaced.

Car seat for newborns: how to choose? It is better to give preference to the second option, since it can be safely exploited until the child reaches the age of 12–15 months. He also has a handle that makes it easy to carry the baby, but most importantly, the chair is set against the direction of movement, which means that in case of an accident or sudden braking, the load on the children’s spine and fragile neck will be distributed evenly throughout the back of the chair and the risk of injury will come down to a minimum. Inside, the child is attached to the back with safety belts with three or five points, and fixation to the seat itself is provided with belts, an ISOFIX system or through a special base. The latter is sold separately and is mounted on the seat.

Which car seat to choose? An older child, aged from one year to four years old, can already be seated in a chair of the first group. This model provides for the fixation of the child already in the direction of travel. Fastened with standard webbing or ISOFIX system. Inside there is a five-point safety belt. This is the last type of car seat with its internal fixation. Subsequent models wear regular straps. Save on this purchase will not work, since these chairs provide the greatest degree of protection due to the deep sides and very complex design.

How to install a baby car seat
The car seats of the second group are, in fact, the same models as the first, only intended for children aged 3 to 7 years. They prevent the child from rolling to the side and ensure proper fit of the back and head to the seat. In addition, they allow to observe one main requirement: the passage of the seat belt through the chest, and not the neck. The range of such models in specialized stores is not too wide, so it makes sense to dwell on the model of the universal group or group 2-3. Because the model of the third age group can only be called a chair with a stretch: it’s rather a seat – a stand or a different booster. Actually, it will not protect the baby from a side impact, because it serves only as a cushion, lifting the child over the back sofa.

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How to choose a child car seat? Products of “Group 2-3” are intended for children aged 3 to 12 years. This is a hybrid model with wider age characteristics. But you have to pay for the opportunity to save. In particular, there is no adjustment of the slope, just as the child grows, the size of the head restraint changes and that’s it. Fastened with regular straps.

Universal chair can be designed for two or more groups. In particular, the variant for groups 0+ and 1 is extremely common. On sale you can find models that combine 1 and 2 groups and even all four at once, that is, 0+, 1, 2 and 3. What are parents guided by when buying such a chair? ? Of course, saving money. I bought it once and use it until the child grows up. But as already mentioned, you will have to pay for this savings, and not with something, but with the convenience and safety of your child. Here, even take a child car seat-transformer group 0+ and 1. It has a bowl on the basis of the L-shaped, and the child is inside in a sitting position.

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