Newton Kumon, kumon newton - Afterschool/Saturday program for both remedial and advanced students taught by Drs. Winston and Jane Chiong. Come for a free evaluation so we can individualize a program to meet your child's needs.



Our Math Program

For more than a decade, our Kumon Centers in Belmont, Newton and Wellesley have been dedicated to making a difference in your child's excellence in Mathematics. Our Kumon program is best described as an individualized, computationally oriented, after school program in the form of worksheets. Kumon has over 5000 sequential worksheets, which are monitored, assigned and when help is needed, students are taught on a one-on-one basis by either Jane or Winston.
The student comes into the center to take a free diagnostic test to determine his/her mastery level. The student is then given daily "homework" for about 15 to 20 minutes to be completed at home or at the center. If errors occur, they are immediately marked by either the parent at home or by our assistants at the center, then quickly corrected. Kumon works because we constantly monitor students who are practicing just the correct skills for them. 100% mastery of those exercises is determined through achievement tests before the student is advanced to the next level.

Preschool Program (Pre-School- 1st grade program) -For beginners and beyond…

In addition to our regularly scheduled Kumon program, this is another option we make available to children from 3 to 6 years in need of a small class structure. Utilizing the daily worksheets from the Kumon system plus supplementary in-class instruction from a variety of resources, students are able to proceed individually while enjoying the socialization from their peer group. Emphasis is on academic play with phonics, sight vocabulary, number and letter recognition, math games etc through mastery of math and/or reading on a first or second grade level. Typically, students enter with little or no skills before "graduating" to our regularly scheduled Kumon program. Taught by Jane Chiong, who has taught reading for many years prior to Kumon. 50-minute class, limited to 6:1 ratio of pupils to teacher per class.

Our Reading Program

From the alphabet through advanced reading comprehension, students in the Reading program complete, correct and record daily assignments much in the same way as the Math students. Typically...

Very young children learn familiar words through the repetition of word stories and the practicing of writing and sounding of the alphabet.

Children in grades 2 through 5. Once tile child learns reading basics, they complete worksheets designed in 10 page sets (front to back) that have varying focus lessons. A typical example of what a 10 page sets includes:
Page 1 - Timed Reading
Pages 2, 3 & 4 grammar
Page 5 - Vocabulary Page
6 or 7 through 10 - Comprehension from Classic And Contemporary Literature

Grade 6 through 12 - As a child is mastering reading and writing fundamentals, he/she is increasingly engaging in complex reading comprehension exercises from basic thematic understanding of story elements to more complex passage interpretation i.e. Persuasive argument, concision, compare and contrast, character analysis, summation etc.

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